Thursday 24 October 2013

Breaking LOTR.

Well we tried.

We tried not to be competitive.........but we failed.

It seems once you're a tournament player, you stay one for life haha. I love the Lotr system, I think it's fairly balanced in it's own ways, but that doesn't stop us from thinking of what wins. Somehow or another, our "refreshing holiday from competitive 40k" as landed us at spam central in LoTR - lol. My Elf list is just spamming storm caller units and Siceralc just wants to take Sauron and 100 goblins. 

We are entering a tournament next month and have, without thinking, gone to find the best combination of units there are. So much for the story line........I would laugh if we manage to place top three.........Seriously though, it's possible.

Siceralc is running Evil.

TommyH's fury spamming/War priests/mass Easterlings will do well.

And I'm left hoping my Wood Elves can stand fast! Come on Legolas!


  1. Hell, that didn't take long! You guys are way to competitive.

  2. so did you win? those lists dont seem that scary. Lotr is pretty amazing in that it is managing to stay fairly balanced, with most things being pretty viable. The different scenarios also mean that an army cant just be a one trick wonder a lot of the time.

    1. Spicerack and TommyH both have Solid lists, my Wood Elves.....not so much.


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