Monday 23 September 2013

White Dwarf incoming + Release schedule debrief.

Well White Dwarf is only a few days away now. By the natural order of things, we should see some leaks happening over the next 48 hours.....hopefully. It's pretty certain to be Dark Elves. There are some solid sources stating that they have seen the pictures and will continue to bring us information as they receive it.

The rumour mill usually goes through a good shake up every 3-4 weeks and the latest from 40kRadio and Natfka have reported enough information to clarify that we will not be seeing Tyranids in November, but rather, the new "Innocence" game OR a second wave of Dark Elves. Up to you to interpret it as you will.

Here is what is supposedly coming in for Dark Elves in the first month:

via (Faeit212) melonmelon on Warseer:
October release:
Dreadspears(Warriors?) £20
Shadowblade £12
Witch Elves £35
Cauldron of Blood £45
Kharibdyss £40
from indie retailer, BTW no pic.
edit: Army book and Magic Card set too, but no "battleforce".

Which, compared to 40k Radio's product listing, would leave enough release material for another wave, namely, the Kraken, Executioners and Chariot (as far as I can tell?).

It should be a great release, I know Siceralc is frothing at the mouth for the new, not so much (unless they nerf Hyrdas).

Onto the release schedule:

via 40k Radio:
Oct: Dark Elves
Nov: Holiday Releases(boxed army type stuff)
Dec: Hobbit
Jan: Tyranids
Feb: Dwarfs
MArch: IG

via Natfka:

-- Please, for the love of sanity, remember that these are rumours and can be changed at any time. They are not a reflection of the reporter. I suggest taking more than a few seconds to think OBJECTIVELY about the information and form your own interpretation. They are not the law. --

Okay so, quickly, I wanted to outline the long-term outlook for 40k. The updated codex's so far are:

Chaos Space Marine.
Dark Angels.
Space Marines.

The poor black templars got folded in Codex: Space Marines, which, in my opinion, doesn't bode well for Sisters of Battle. Talking of which, it would make sense to me that S.O.B get folded into Grey Knights. We know GW will change the fluff to suit the release so it isn't as far fetched as some would believe. 

Following on from this, over the next six months, the current rumour schedule has:
Imperial Guard.

This leaves:
Dark Eldar.
Grey Knights.
Blood Angels.
Space Wolves.

Using some simple logic. We may guess the following:
January: 40k
Feb: Fantasy.
March: 40k.
April: Fantasy,
May: 40k.
June: Fantasy.
July: Something like Apoc? A big box? (Or 40k)
August: 40k.
September: Fantasy.
Oct: 40k.
Nove: Fantasy.
Dec: Hobbit.

Now, GW has stated that they will continue with the rapid releases no matter the situation. So Supplements won't be interrupting the schedule, merely adding to it. What this all means is that by Q1 2015, we should have ALL of the 40k codexes updated and a whole host of supplements for diversification. I love it, because it means that Dark Eldar are closer to being updated. I'm only hoping that they make it into next years schedule.....praying actually.



  1. Blood Angels and Space Wolves later half of 2014.... shhhhhh

    1. Sounds good(Im sure we can keep the secret;-)
      I cant wait for Dark Eldar update, so hope everything gets churned out quickly.
      Always value you opinion over other sites (apart from this one)


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