Thursday 19 September 2013

TSOM: Painting Resin Bases Tutorial.

Painting Resin Bases Tutorial brought to you by The Sound Of Machines:

First off, here is a link to TSOM:

Carrying on...

What you will need:
1. Some resin bases. Preferably stone orientated. 
2. An airbrush.
3. Masking Tape.
4. Black and brown oil wash.
5. Pigment powder of choice..
6. Masking fluid.

Note: You can use this as a starting point to do pretty much any combination of colours that you think goes with your army colour scheme.

These are the Secret Weapon "Urban Streets" 30mm with round lip but there is no reason why you can't use any other brand or design.

Step 1:

This shows the bases taped to a board and sprayed with basic colours. A grey and sort of a bone colour to start. You can go a bit crazy with whatever combination of grey/bone that you like. There’s nothing else at this stage, just using the airbrush to build up the layers gives a slight highlight/shade effect, the washes will do the rest.

Step 2:

First stages of oil washing. Some brown and black were just chucked on and allowed to pool and move about. No need to be shy here. It’s really good for relining the details but also for the effect it leaves when it dries – sort of patchy and random.

Step 3:

Here I’ve used some hobby tape to mask off areas so I can spray on some yellow lines. Nothing too fancy here, but I’ve lined up most of the bases and used two long pieces of tape to make masking the batch easier. The bases underneath are all a little off centre to produce a more natural look. The others have been masked with shapes and cut out tape to leave some angled or double lines. Also, some masking fluid was dabbed on to make random patches of damage to the lines when removed.

Step 4:

This just shows the yellow spray on. Why not.

Step 5:

Tape and masking fluid removed. As you can see, the lines are quite broken up and distressed. They are suitably random in their placement on the bases and I reckon it’s a small detail that adds a lot.

Step 6:

Second stage of oil was wash applied. This was two coats of varying thicknesses to leave dirtier patches and gritty spots. Again, it’s great for relining and really does a number on the clean yellow lines. Some pigments were also dusted on into the wet oils to add some dirt.

Step 7:

 The finished bases – black rimmed and ready to go. I used a cloth with white spirit to wipe off the upper surfaces of the bases so as to leave the crevices dirty but the higher parts a little cleaner (greyer). Didn’t take more than 10 minutes and I think it’s a worthwhile step to really give them some contrast and punch, which the oils can take away.

Step 8:

Close up. The different grey/bone colourations come through in this pic. Other than that, it’s a gratuitous shot just cos.

Step 9:

Extreme close up. You can really see the pigments at work here. They have been matt coated to ensure they stay put, but they really do add a lot to the overall effect. These 50 bases took around 2 hours and I think my Dust Tactics Allies will look awesome on them once completed.


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