Friday 20 September 2013

Rumour Watch: 40k Radio's release schedule.

Some more news and rumours dropping in from the boys over at 40k Radio. Check it out:

Via 40kRadio:
People, Tyranids are not pushed back, they have always been slated for January.

Oct: Dark Elves
Nov: Holiday Releases(boxed army type stuff)
Dec: Hobbit
Jan: Tyranids
Feb: Dwarfs
March: IG


  1. Always wonderful to hear that Dark Elves are coming, but MARCH for Guard?

    I don't know if I can take another 6 months without a new release!

    1. However the Imperial March, or March of the Imperial Guard will be wonderful;-)
      Its the nids Im sad about:-O, I really
      wanted to see more armies on the table..
      Hope theres pehaps a model and faq wave in november if this is true

    2. Nids is still a viable codex, and it'll keep until the new release schedule.

      I saw an interesting list today with the Doom in a mycetic spore... upset a lot of people.

  2. Where did Orks go? 7 years for a new codex with big, crazy, explodey stuff is too long to wait.


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