Sunday 8 September 2013

The Inquisition Team Tournament debrief.

Better late than never! Even though the tournament was a week ago, it is still important to have a debrief. SO! Let's get into it!

This was a team tournament held in Sydney. Almost like a mini ATC/ETC type format. 3 players per team, no repeat codexes and 1850 points each. I was teamed up with Warzones own TommyH and a Canberra ring in by the name of Reshy.

TommyH (Champion): Dark Angels + Tau.
CrAzY424: Eldar.
Reshy: Necrons + Chaos Space Marines.

The format was that each round we were paired up against another team. Both champions would face off and then the other two matches would be randomised. TommyH was a legend and stepped up to face some of the states top players and It paid off! In the end we came second! Yeah!

Check out the score sheets here (thanks to Kirby):

My list was very simple. 4 Wave Serpents, 3 Wraithknights, farseer, Autarch and 6 bikes. I ended up getting best general as the list was so OP that it tabled everyone of my opponents. Great credit to all the guys I played, it was good fun and I hope I wasn't too much of a meta-douche.


  1. Congrats on the wins and second place finish! How do you tend to use the wraithknights?

  2. Spread across my deployment zone and then straight at the enemy. Heavy Wtaithcannons are terrifying for other MCs such as Riptides (I insta killed two in my first shooting phase of game one....ouch). Once they get to combat the game is over.

    1. Thanks. If you don't mind more questions, are there any particular match-ups or missions you find easier or more of a challenge?

    2. First time I used the list. First round was kill points vs Tau and like I said, after insta killing two riptides straight away the game got progressively easier. Second game was the scouring vs BA but I just went for the table. Final game was big guns vs Eldar Wave serpent spam and it was only at the end of turn 5 that the table occurred. Vs other Eldar it seems that whoever goes first will win, serpents shoot out other serpents and WKs just annihilate whatever is left once the serpent shields come down. Eldar was the hardest game of the day by far.

    3. Am yet to vs Daemon flying circus or Necron flyer spam though.

    4. That's a good effort for a first go with the list! I can see how flier-heavy armies could be more of a challenge. I'm guessing the Tau didn't have masses of sniper kroot? Anyway, a good result for the Eldar!

    5. Well played, CrAzY424. I can fill you in on the "Daemon flying circus" vs. Eldar as I played an exceptional player who was running one recently.
      Basically, you shoot whatever seems easiest. Eldar aren't going to do much damage to that list honestly. Well, until you get the Daemons to land anyway. I used my Wraithknight as bait. Charged a group of Screamers (Screamers don't do jack to Wraithknights and vice versa), got two Daemon Princes to join in and instant killed one of them before being taken out by the other one. The other one got gunned down by Guardians and a Wave Serpent. Wraithguard killed the others.
      S10 is the answer for killing them off quickly, but they really need to be on the ground.


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