Friday 6 September 2013

Rumour Watch: Tyranid Battle Focus?

Lol, this would be pretty funny if true:

via BOLS:

Monstrous Creature Broods may not deploy in multiple Mycetic Spores. ~YIKES!!!

HQ Trygon option.

Parasite is now a Shrike upgrade character, and moves out of the HQ section.

Tyranid Prime can now be purchased in Warrior, Shrike or Ravener forms.

Many classic biomorphs have returned as upgrade options for most units.

Many units can now run twice or run-assault. ~ nice countpoint to Battle Focus

New unit that is static but extends synapse range. Can take some weapons and has cc ability if attacked.

5 new units in the Tyranid Codex:
-New flyer (Erinye)
-Mycetic Spore combo-kit alternative build
-Entirely new Monstrous Creature (the "Big Bug)
-New elite character
-Another one... 


  1. Running twice or run-assault is CRAZY. I remember when you could assault after fleet, that hurt quite a bit depending on the speed of the army - but "many units" being able to do this is insane. Hordes will just wrap things up and wait for the Monstrous Creatures to come along.

  2. "Hordes will just wrap things up and wait for the Monstrous Creatures to come along."

    Isn't that exactly the way it should work for a Horde of Close Combat Gribblys? ;-)

  3. these are really low effort fake rumours from 4chan

    1. I must have missed the 4chan thread. Sometimes 4chan comes through.....sometimes.


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