Saturday 14 September 2013

I was right. GW is high...

Today, 3 Colours send me a message, and my reply was "You gotta be kidding..." 
The message was just this image:

What do you guys think?


  1. Yep, their high above beleif. I would be intrested to see how mzny they sell....

  2. There are people with more money than sense and if you want bragging rights that would be quite a collection. This is more of a gimmick to get people to say that would be cool to have then go buy something else. BoLS posted on it, You posted on it. It is not like they have to do anything for it. They probably got the picture at some other event and did not build an point all that just for this. Other than the pic it is probably 10 minutes to write the text and build the bundle on the webstore. So if they sell one that is like 10000% return on investment.

  3. is there even a discount ? Ibet its exactly the same price as buying them individually

  4. I have done a basic calculation (don't quote me) but there is a discount of approx $2000 on the models alone. That is just calculating all the models and none of the signed adding that to the picture...perhaps a discount of $2400?


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