Monday 12 August 2013

Hall of Heroes Charity Event

Great day had by all. We are still waiting on the score breakdowns to be published. Siceralc and I had a good day (two wins and a draw) but we failed to place in the top 4 overall.......this is what we get for having an unpainted army. Ruben and Chris had two losses and a win. The hilarity began when, in the first draw, we were matched up against each other. Drive all the way out to Campbelltown and we essentially get randomly grudged vs each other!

Anyway. Pics from the day:

Game 1: vs Ruben & Chris





Both Chaos Lords move up + Venom moves into range of WK.

Baron out in the open.....

Why Baron shouldn't be out in the open....


Turn 2 begins.

Serpent destroyed by Vendettas + Chaos Lords about to charge (background).

Scorpions tanking 24 Venom shots + a heap of lasguns.

Chaos Lords after combat.

Chaos Lords after combat.

Kabilite Warrior about to get owned.


Cultists (started at 10) after being shot by Riptide + Dire Avengers.

Game 2: vs Space Wolves & Dark Angels




lol.....let's be sneaky.

Hill blocking LOS...nice!

Chaos Lord eating a squad of Grey Hunters.

Belial comes down.

Baron tanking hits!

Game 3: vs Guard & Chaos (Max)

Movement of Chaos Lords first turn.

Manticore takes out the CCS Chimera.

It's a party.

DE moving up the left using forests as cover.

Opposing Khorne Lord charged in.....challenged......and got killed by our lord.


Sneaky Marbo up to his old tricks (took out the squad of Plague Marines and a Leman Russ).

Take down on Land Raider.

CCS dead from Manticore.

Baron charging a Leman Russ.

My Chaos Lord taking out the Hydra squadron. 

Go Baron go!

These were from the games we played over the day. Hopefully Chris can get his pics up soon to.


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  1. Great day's gaming and fun had by all (except my Harlequins) - the Tau/Eldar battles 2 and 3 will follow soon.


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