Sunday 18 August 2013

Gallery: Krannon, SM with Heavy Bolter and SM Sergeant.

I've been painting a little bit this week. Mainly, a unit of Pathfinders, but because I made them with magnetized arms, I just painted the bodies so far. So between pathfinders, I found myself painting a few Space Marines from Ruby's Chapter, and after that, I decided to paint a model that I had in my case for ages and never paid any attention to it: Krannon. But better an image than any explanation. 

This is Krannon. It was my first Plasma weapon, and I got really happy with the result. It's not 100% finished, as I would like to retouch the horns a little bit and maybe the pistol too. Chris doesn't let me use it as a SM Captain...the excuse of "His Chaos trinquets are trophies from corpses" didn't work...

This Space Marine with Heavy Bolter, I really liked it, but the more I look at it, the more I think I'm gonna repaint the Heavy Bolter cause I don't like the edging that I did on it. The rest, love it. 

This Space Marine Sergeant with power fist was painted while I was falling asleep after work. Still, loved the result. I don't know what to do with that thing in the middle of his chest though...any ideas?

Hope you guys liked them. I'll keep posting more miniatures as I keep painting them. Any feedback is welcome. Also, if you wanna know colours used or anything about it, just let me know in the comments. Peace!


  1. Looking good Ruby, no criticisms on any of them, they look spectacular.

  2. The plasma gun on your (cough) Space Marine Captain looks great - I love the glow effect.


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