Friday 2 August 2013

Dice Extravaganza

Just got home from a 2vs1 game with Chris and Ruben. We had some pretty crazy dice rolling moments. Battle report to follow.

Firstly, when a Farseer accepts a challenge vs a Khorne Chaos Lord with a Daemon weapon you don't expect him to last very long......................wrong. Chris managed to roll seven 4+ Invuls saves (one fail would have been instant death).

Also, Ruben managed to roll triple 1's when doing a LOS roll.

It reminds me of the time that Ruben also managed to take 75 2+ saves on Lysander without failing a single one. Almost as similar to the time I had to roll 30 Shadow Field saves vs Siceralc one dice at a time...........yeah!

Got to love the dice gods.

Crazy stories?


  1. Last night's game was fun as hell, unusual and weird in rolls and situations and unexpected. Battle report coming, if I can remember everything...

  2. I used my 1s and 2s making (or not) saves on the Warp Spiders

  3. Had a game awhile ago, 5ed Daemons and 4ed Chaos marines vs. Chaos marines, apoc. Had two full sized Deamonette units tooled up for carnage get the charge on my Lords of the Black Crusade formation at the same time. I forget exactly how many attacks that came out to be, but after the buckets were done the was not a single rending attack to be seen. Ironically, due mainly to wound allocation shenanigans, only the Slaanesh Lord died. My opponent calmly forfeited the game after that to go purchase new dice.


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