Wednesday 31 July 2013

Rumour Watch: Next 12 Months?

Rumour Watch on what may be happening over the next 6-12 months.
This post is partly in reply to Natfka's post. See it at:

I have immense respect for Natfka. One point i nave noticed on some forums is that he sometimes receives some slack over "faulty rumours." The fact of the matter is that firstly, rumours are rumours and secondly, Natfka reports rumours from objective information. If things get "disproved" it is not anyone's "fault." It is simply disproved. Plus, rumours will change month by month so no one really knows anything.


I wanted to just combine that post with my own logic for the next six months.

On the tables currently is the following (in no particular order):
1. Space Marines.
2. New Inquisitor or "mystery box."
3. Dark Elves.
4. Orks.
5. Black Templars.
6. Dwarfs.
7. Tyranids.
8. Imperial Guard.
9. Hobbit.
10. A whole host of Supplements.

A lot of stuff to fit in.

We need to assume a few things. Firstly, that there will be no double stacked 40k or fantasy releases. Some people state this is a false assumption because Tau was released straight after Daemons. Exception to the rule in my opinion. Secondly, that December will be a Hobbit release. If anything this is the one release that we can be sure about (due to GW's contract with the film).  

August: Obviously Lizardmen.

September: Still confusing. Space Marines + Inquisitor are both fighting for this spot. Both have credible sources and both would logically require their own release slot. A fantasy release would suggest a 40k release is next (hence the Space Marine rumour). However, this "mystery box" has been floating around for a long time now. Also, the fact that Space Marines were originally rumoured for October (later moved to September) may suggest that Inquisitor is in this slot. Besides, if Space Marine were next, when would Inquisitor be pushed back to?

October: Space Marines.

November: Dark Elves.

December: The Hobbit.

January: Orks.

February: Dwarfs.

This has all been thrown into the mix due to a number of rumours stating that we will see Orks before the end of the year.......but when? The only logical conclusion for this would be for September to release both Inquisitor AND Space Marines. This would push open a 40k slot for November.

Natfka, after compiling rumours, has said that the order for 40k will be:

Space Marines, Orks, Black Templar, Tyranids, Imperial Guard. 

So, by inserting fantasy releases, it may look like the following:

August: Lizardmen.
September: Inquisitor. (Space Marines).
October: Space Marines. (Inquisitor).
November: Dark Elves.
December: The Hobbit.
January: Orks.
February: Dwarfs.
March: Black Templars.
April: Fantasy release.
May: Tyranids.
June: Fantasy Release.
July: Imperial Guard OR something big (judging by Apoc coming out in July).

Please remember that ALL of this can be thrown out the window very simply by GW dropping a surprise release onto us. I firmly believe that accuracy can only be semi-reliable within a three month window. Anything over that and it is open to a lot of speculation, wish listing and internal changes by GW.

IF, and I mean IF, this is even remotely accurate then what is left for the next 24 months?

From Q3 2014+ we still have Necrons, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Dark Eldar, Sisters of Battle and Grey Knights left on the table. Seems a long way out but it's horrifying to think that if GW had stuck with their old release schedule we would only just be getting around to a Daemons release...........

Please note that I am not a rumour source. This was just a post in an attempt to compile all the information we have as logically as possible.



  1. Orks will be orktober. Its exactly what GW likes; Weird catch phrases...

    Anyway my veiw is that september will be either templars+ inquisitor or space marines + inquisitor. This is because GW has stated they wish to release an army book/ codex a month and that everything else is extra (supplements, hobbit, box sets etc.). This would also mean that december we may see a first and get a release. If this is so id expect templars sep and marines dec, as they are the main sellers so more sales for christmas rush!!

    Anyway thats just my view(s)

  2. Because of Gw's new statement of releasing an army book/codex a month, I don't think a black box release will take up an entire month. so, that means september will be marines, october dark elves, novemenber orks, december hobbit, january black templar, feb dwarfs, march nids.

    The only reason that GW did a "back to back release" was that chaos demons were technically a release for both systems and it was impossible to get back on track without "double dipping" into a game system so to speak.

    1. I would prefer a doubles release on September with the black box. Means we get to Dark Eldar 2015 faster haha.

    2. Yep dark eldar is the only codex i actually want now. Tau, eldar and dark eldar ftw!!!


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