Saturday 17 August 2013

Black Legion Supplement: new artifacts

Thanks to techsoldaten from DakkaDakka, we got this:

Each of the artefacts is kind of cool, but yeah, they are expensive. 

- The Crucible of Lies lets you trade one point of T for rerolls for invulnerable saves of 1. 

- The Spineshiver blade is a Daemon weapon that gives you +1 I. 

- The Last Memory of Yuranthos gives you one more psychic level plus a Nova blast power that is kind of meh. S4 AP 5 and the range expands the more psychic points you put into it. 

- The Eye of Night lets you shoot a large blast weapon, but it's heavy and it's S5 AP 4. 

- The Skull of Kerngar gives you eternal warrior and adamantium will. 

- The hand of darkness, well, it's a power fist that strikes at initiative and does instant death. 

Past that, there are city of death strategems, planetstrike strategems, altar of war missions, and echoes of war missions. Some of them are interesting.

 Some of them seem interesting. What do you guys think?


  1. Hand of Darkness and the Spineshiver Blade sound good to me. But the others seem meh.


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