Sunday 18 August 2013

Analysis: Release Schedule.

Space Marines are old news! What should we expect next? Well......lets find out what the ghosts are whispering......

Space Marines are a huge release. We are still two weeks out from even seeing them officially announced but by now everyone, except for Games Workshop, knows about the new models. Just smash in a simple Google search and you will get a hundred hits.

That's the old news.

Here's the new.

There is still some confusion about Inquisitor. Half the rumours say it will have it's own independent release and the other half say that it won't. It's been a while since we have heard anything about it so it is still a grey area. Most of the 40k community would like to see it doubled onto a regular release so that we can see another codex come out before the end of the year. Talking about that........


Everything is still rumours at this stage but by far the most suggested codex for the next release are our friendly neighborhood big bugs. They are due to be released in November (pending Inquisitor). Here are some links to some rumoured info:

All very exciting.

What about after that?

Well Natfka has been getting a lot of information lately on what is happening in 2014 and I'm sure he has plenty more on the way. See his posts:

via Natfka:

Warhammer 40k Codex Releases
Space Marines Sept 7th (Verified Release)
Tyranids: Novemember 2nd
Imperial Guard: First codex of 2014
Orks: Second codex of 2014

Makes sense. However, the rumour mill is a fickle thing. One minute it will say that Imperial Guard are due in March but then it will say for January. I think the only thing that we can guess is that both Orks and Imperial Guard will be in rotation between both January and March.
In other news....

Dark Elves are due for release in October (pending Inquisitor). Like all other Fantasy releases there is very little information to go by. Rumours rarely filter out until a week before the codex is even due to be released. It should be a great release though, I know Siceralc is looking forward to it (so am I...Nerf those damned Hydras!).

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