Friday 12 July 2013

Rumours Watch: Farsight and Black Legion Supplement........Hardback delayed?

Well if you are a devout follower of the rumour mill then you already know that the Hardback supply of the upcoming Farsight supplement has been pushed back until October.
Well that sucks............

From Faeit212:
via Opatija from the Faeit 212 inbox
For the hardcopy of the Farsight, we will be waiting till October. 

va DarkWarrior1981  on Warseer
I got the info today, that a physical copy of the Farsight book will be released, but not until october 2013! The digital version will go on sale July 20th as ibook and ebook (pre order from the 13th). 

Of course we can't take anything for face value until White Dwarf specifically tells us otherwise. However, I believe Faeits sources and as such am dismayed for those players who don't have access to ebooks. I myself have an Ipad so it's not much of an issue. It just means that 4chan will be getting a lot of activity as players search out photos of the new rules. In fact I'm yet to meet anyone who has even purchased a copy of the Iyanden supplement. Seems most people in my area go the downloadable route.

I'm hoping that this is just a one off incident that GW has had with the printers because it would seriously suck if all supplements took three months to be released in hard back.

Supplements and Codexes:
In other news it seems that we are beginning to see what the future holds in terms of Army codex's and other supplements. Here is what is rumoured for 2013-2014.

Space Marines.
Imperial Guard.

Raven Guard. C:SM.
White Scars. C:SM.
Black Legion. CSM.
Catachans. IG.

I'm skeptical about Raven Guard but we will see. There seems to be some confusion as to what is actually happening in the next few months. We know that Lizardmen are next (various sources. Check Faeit, Warseer, DakkaDakka) and that Space Marines are likely to be in October but what in the heck is coming in September? One of Faeits posts had a rumour come in that it was a "big surprise." I'm hoping that they have decided to sneakily put Orks in September but I know that won't happen. There were other rumours about Blood Bowl being re-released but with the Specialist games being phased out I can't see that happening either. The nature of the release order (Fantasy-->40k--->Fantasy--->40k) suggests that it will be something that doesn't belong to either systems. Maybe the Hobbit? One possibility is that the rumour mill might actually be completely wrong about the release schedule (SHOCK HORROR!). One source cited that:

via Zeipherer on Warseer
Dark Elves are due in October 2013, it is said be a complete new book and not just a wave

This would push Space Marines into the September release slot (well logically it would). This would also mean the possibility of seeing two new 40k codexes before 2014 (including Space Marines) as the schedule would look like this:
Lizardmen - Space Marines - Dark Elves - 40k Release - Hobbit - Dwarfs?

Rumour, rumour and rumour. Only time will tell. All I can say is I'm glad that the Apocalypse release is almost over and we can get back to more army books and more codexes!


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