Tuesday 23 July 2013

Resisting the new Lizardmen

I'm a bit late on this one as I've been on holidays. I came home to awesome news: the Lizardmen pics had leaked!

Here are the pics:

I love Lizardmen. If there was ever a second fantasy army that I would collect it's them. The new models are both fantastic and hilarious (especially the new Bastiladon. Looks great but funny as hell!). I'm really looking forward to seeing these guys out on the table. I'm still getting to grasp with my High Elves so don't really know how much of an impact these guys will make on the community but I hope to play them. 

The old rumours about Lizardmen becoming a "big monster" army turned out to be true. Nothing beats being charged by a club wielding blue lizard riding a t-rex. Hope that Slann are bad-ass in the magic phase and that Skinks are still cool. I'm also hoping that in the army book preview they let slip all the special rules like what happened during the High Elf release.

It sucks that there are hardly any other fantasy gamers at the store besides Siceralc, myself and I think two others (of which I would play neither due to extremely bad sportsmanship). To the tournaments it is then!


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