Wednesday 24 July 2013

News Flash: Warhammer in The Telegraph

This is by far the funniest article I have read. Everyone HAS to check it out:

This article has drawn a lot of comments already and most of them are rather negative. Can't blame readers though when Tim Stanley paints a grim picture of the hobby. Apparently the hobby sends you into a dark abyss of addiction in which there only exists Warhammer. The hilarious part of this article is his reasoning for giving it up: "girls." All the guys that i regularly game against are either married or have girlfriends. I can understand that he might have meant this comment for younger teenagers but in all honesty who cares when you're that young? Tim Stanley obviously.

I'm not wholly against this article as there are some players who can take it a bit far in terms of time and money but for most gamers it is fine. This hobby is by far more social than World of Warcraft or other more (arguably) "addictive games."

The suggestion that David Cameron should place boundaries upon Warhammer is even more amusing. "Painters could be encourages to join art classes"...........................what. If anything this hobby is an art class.

In part this article is likely to be a big joke that was meant to only stir up the community to get people reading this guys stuff. Poor attempt. Especially when you finish off with this:

"But the war on collecting camp little miniatures is one worth fighting, Mr Cameron. If only to save the next generation of boys from the years of acne and sexual deprivation that inevitably follow."




  1. But bro, without warhammer we're sexually inadequate social retards with no sense of self worth and no value to the human race.

  2. He forgot about the smell of the battle bunker lol. Also about his more than probable addiction to cocaine (after glue...). As Alex says, most of us either have girlfiriends, or wife of whatever they want. It's a hobby oriented more for guys, and it might not be a magnet for chicks, but if I can have a girlfriend like mine being such a nerd, anyone can.
    Ps: my girlfriend never watch an episode of anime in her whole life. Now she loves Bleach, Death Note and Naruto lol


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