Friday 19 July 2013

Games Day Designer Studio: Actual WIP models?

GW Macclesfield put out this photo the other day.

The most important part of it is the fact that there will be actual WIP models on showcase. Might GW actually be loosening up the reins on their releases? I hope so!

The designer events usually bring a great deal of information about how the game is designed which is great for the rumour mill. It allows us to "predict" or at least make a structure of what future releases might have in them.

Looking forward to hearing back from Games Day 2013.



  1. its prob FW stuff like we have seen in the past or ditched and old stuff

    you wont be seeing the new upcomeiong plastic kits in advance

    1. Optimism is my best friend. However, I do agree that It won't be new plastic kits.


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