Saturday 20 July 2013

Farsight Supplement is here!!!

Farsight Supplement just came out. Here's the main stuff:
Taken from Romanus on Warseer:
REVIEW: Farsight Enclave

Haven't read the full background section yet though from what I have gone through so far is pretty good. Lots of in depth detail of farsights rise and "fall". Unusually the book is attributed to the GW design team and no credits to the author or the cover artist appear. May be an oversight and fixed up later. Overall typical GW publication, pricey,yes, reasonably good quality, yes. Will be getting the limited edition when it is realised Now for the juices stuff, the rules!!!

- xv8 are indeed troops, but must be taken in groups of three
- preferred enemy (orks) in cc only
- must have bonding knives if able
- far sights command team, replacing his usual bodyguard. All are named characters and range across crisis, braodside and riptide suits
- cant include shadow sun and aun'va
- you can ally with the standard tau codex
- ethereals can be taken, representing pre-independence
- 6 new warlord traits
- 6 new signatures systems (not really comfortable going in depth on these, but they seem alright)


How he got it this early I'm not sure but who cares!

I'll keep updating this thread with more stuff as I go through the supplement myself so keep your eyes peeled!



  1. thanks for posting it :) Well, it has officially been released in Australia

  2. awesome news! cant wait for mine! can a riptide really be in the bodyguard unit?

    1. There are actually two Riptide bodyguard options!

  3. Unfortunately the second is a misprint. He's actually a standard suit. The special rules don't fit with the loadout it says it has. He's also barely more expensive than a bare bones Riptide with all the upgrades lol. GW needs to release an FAQ on this pronto.


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