Wednesday 17 July 2013

Doubles Trouble: Spawn...Lord....Yeah!

I must say one of the best events you can attend are those with the aim of raising funds for charity. Sportsmanship is rarely an issue and even the worst case power gamer settles down a few notches to play at a normal level.

In a few weeks time there will be a doubles tournament held in Sydney at the Hall of Heroes Campbelltown (ok not in Sydney but close enough). Here are the details:

A few of the guys from the Sydney based SPAWN club will be going and so will Siceralc and I. 1000 points each......time for fun.

We thought we would throw our regular armies out the window and go with something completely different for a change. Instead of Venom's, Broadsides firing missiles everywhere and Imperial Guard Colossus spam we went for a less defensive option: Chaos Lords and lots of Spawn!

We are yet to choose our primary detachments (although it will likely be double Guard) but we are certain of what each of us will be allying in:
Chaos Lord:
Mark of Khorne.
Sigil of Corruption.
Axe of Blind Fury.
Veteran of the long war.
Gift of Mutation.

10 Cultists.

5 Chaos Spawn.
Pretty hilarious.

If we go double guard we will be sure to bring in absolutely no static units. That means no Manticores or any other form of artillery. If we roll guard in both detachments then we will be sure to bring along as many Vendettas and Hellhounds as we can. We are also considering bringing Dark Eldar just to get Baron for +1 to go first and/or Vect for a 4+ seize.

Don't really care if we lose as long as we have fun.

What does everything think?


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