Monday 24 June 2013

Imperial Armour: Tau Barricuda.

Recently updated with Imperial Armour 3: Second edition. In Summary? It's pretty awesome!
1. 15 points cheaper then a Razorshark.
2. Comes with an array of weapons.
3. Can take upgrades.
4. Has Deep-strike.
5. BS4.

The Barracuda is awesome. Make sure to take a Blacksun Filter and Decoy Launchers (all up 4 points). 4+ Invul vs interceptor is pretty awesome if you need it. If you want to go all out survivability then take Disruption pods (+ Agile, jinking becomes 3+ cover). You can always use Marker lights to enhance your snap shot's.

It's weapons are where things get interesting. Firstly, being BS4 means it is less reliant on Markerlight support, however, in a moment I will explain why you should dedicate some to it's cause. It's two burst cannons ignore Jink which doesn't sound like much but can never hurt vs low AV skimmers. Plus a twin-linked missle pod and an Ion cannon mean yo are pumping out an insane amount of fire power. Wait what? The Ion Cannon can be overcharged? Use two lights to buff to BS6 to gain a re-roll for get's hot and overcharge the Ion cannon. Meaning you have a number of options:

Vs Ground targets:
Fly in, or Deepstrike, give +2 BS from Lights and Ignore cover if you have enough counters. Shoot a Str8 AP3 Large Blast at BS6 (plus Ignore cover if you have it), eight str5 shots and two str7 twin linked. All that for just under 140 points. Crazy good.

Vs Air targets:
Deepstrike in behind them for rear armour. Shoot five str7 (2 of which are twin-linked) and another eight str5 that will ignore their Jink. Pretty Boss.   

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