Friday 21 June 2013

Book Review: Path of the Incubus

Written by Andy Chambers.

Sequel to the Black Library best seller: Path of the Renegade.

Time frame: Immediately following the end of book one.

Legibility, editing and general quality of writing: 8/10. Few grammatical errors, chapter don't go on and on forever.
Recommended for ALL Dark Eldar and Eldar players.


Just finished it last night. As both a Dark Eldar and Eldar player I'm loving this series so far. Andy Chambers has done a great job, as he did in the first book, of capturing the real essence of Commorragh, especially through a dysjunction. The book primarily focuses around the relationship between the ever honourable Incubus: Morr and our favourite Harlequin: Motely. These two characters are simply amazing and from the start of the book until the end I was constantly left cliff hanging on their adventures (while the book explored other characters and plots, of which, there are many). I loved that you really get an idea of just how fast and brutal Harlequins can be in combat. Andy has portrayed them brilliantly.

The major theme of the book, to no one's surprise, is of how Commorragh handles itself during a dysjunction. An Anarchist society suddenly becomes united in it's common goal for survival. How is this done? The only way Dark Eldar know how, plenty of guns and violence. However, it wouldn't be a Dark Eldar city without a number of political schemes, assassinations, creepy Haemonculi science, racial tension and above all else: adrenaline pumped combat. I won't spoil anything for anyone so I will only say one thing. Any Dark Eldar or Eldar player, or in fact anyone interested in their fluff, will not be let down by this book. Pick it up and read it. 


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