Saturday 22 June 2013

Your opinion: Kill Team - What is your choice?

Kill Team. 200 points. What would be your choice? Why?

I've only played 3 games. My first one I decided to get a Sternguard Squad with 5 Snipers Scouts, and didn't work quite well...
On the other side, my other 2 games I used a Terminator Assault Squad with storm shields and thunder hammers, and I owned the games. Probably, I would pick now a Squad of 3 Broadsides with drones. I reckon they would be an awesome kill team. 


  1. How about a veteran squad in a chimera?

  2. hmm, I always field a veteran squad with 2 snipers and lascannon + 10 ratlings

  3. Bsides are Heavy support. Can't get them in official KT rules

    If you want Tau KT, bring full stealth team for the cheese : 2+ cover save in KT table (lot of cover)
    Or kroots for the numbers (20+ models)

    1. You're right. Forgot about they being heavy support. Stealth team sounds really good as well, even though their range is much shorter.

  4. As many DE reavers as I can fit in. Turbo boost bladevane every turn or for tougher units, move into 12" range, rapid fire with splinter rifles and then assault move away.

  5. What about 10 warp spiders with an exarch? They can jump around the field ridiculously fast (move, run, shoot, jetpack and potentially an extra six inches if you don't mind risking death), and spit out a ton of rending, s6/7 shots. or, if you're feeling cheesy, take 8 and an exarch with spinneret, fast shot an the torrent special rule. He now spits out 3 s6/7, ap2 torrent shots. kind of like 3 helldrakes on steriods


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