Tuesday 7 May 2013

Let's kick some Eldar's asses

Winter is coming...I mean, Thursday...
As Chris just said, we arranged a 2000 points game, which is gonna be Eldars (Chris) vs Chaos Daemons & Dark Eldars (me).
To start with, just let you know that is a new army that I just started, so basically, I have nothing but troops, so it's not like Chris that has almost every model in the army, and heaps of options to choose from. I have nothing, but still, we´re gonna face him.
Also, it's going to be my first game with Dark Eldars, so this can be funny...I´ve faced them before, but not in the way I have them, because I still have no transports at all, so fast attack it's going to be a big problem. Engage Chris' shooters it's going to be a pain because his army it's very shooty, and mine is the opposite. If I can engage him in close combat, the victory could be mine easy, but that's not going to happen, at all, because Chris has the bad habit of hiding himself like a girl with his Dark Reapers and Pathfinders shooting at anything that moves. He wants to focus my skull cannon and pink horrors, and that might work in my favor....

My Daemon's army list is exactly the same as the last battle report because I don't have any more models:
- Skarbrand will try to kill anything that gets close to him. Let's be hones, he's good at that, but he's also a magnet for shooting attacks.
- Bloodletters of Khorne, which maybe this time they do something else than just dying...
- Plaguebearers of Nurgle, which amazingly have survived all my games so far. I don't know how would I use them this time, if deep strike or holding objetives in cover.
- Pink Horrors of Tzeentch, my only infantry shooting unit. Chris overrates them too much. Any other shooting unit would do the same.
- Skull Cannon of Khorne, my MVP in all the games that I've played so far. I'll try to kill some shooting units before it's destroyed, as usual...

My new part of the army, which Chris hasn't seen in action yet (me neither) it's my Dark Eldars. Once again, I just have troop choices and an HQ, so I prepared them this way:
- Lelith Hexperax, my HQ. Chris is really scared of her, and he has good reasons. If she reaches the close combat, she and her unit are deadly, with, doing quick calculations, they can have potentially up to 74 attacks in a combat phase.
- Hekatrix Bloodbrides, Lelith's scort. Armed with 3 Hydra gauntlets which means that instead of their 2 base attacks + 1 for a second hand close combat weapon, they get +D6. That counting that Lelith can attack around 9 times, makes it a lot of attacks. Once again, they need to engage tho...
- Kabalite Trueborn, armed with everything I could get. Anything that gets in their range will die. Or that's what I hope.
- 30 Kabalite Warriors, split in 2 units of 20 and 10, around the field, basically shooting at anything that gets in range once again.
- Aegis Defence Lines, to protect my shooting units. Still, don't know which ones.

So yeah, my options are short, but I have the spirit to win, even though I know it's unlikely, but this is all about the fun, learning and trying new things. And every single game against Chris always has those ingredients, so I can't wait to try my Dark Eldars against him and kill some Eldars!

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