Friday 10 May 2013

High Elf ideas and GW Parramatta doubles.


Last night's game vs Alasdair was the first time I used High Elves. I went with High magic just to see what it was like and I was largely impressed. The book of Hoeth is pretty amazing and I never had any issues casting any of the spells, even the 19+ fiery convocation. I am keen to try out shadow magic as I keep hearing good things about it.

Anyway, onto some ideas....

I originally was going to use Alarielle in a unit of sea guard flying around the board peppering units with arrows but instead I like the idea of her being in a unit of Swordmasters. Possibly in this formation:

Ararielle with life.
35 Sword Masters: full command & banner of the world dragon.
BSB with banner of averlorn.
Mage, level 2 with dispel scroll and khaine ring.

The level 2 is there to buff the unit's mundane ward save to 4+/3+ depending on casting. I would hope for hand of glory or walk between world (or just default to drain magic or soul). The other spells are to high a casting for it to be reliable. Ararielle of course would just sit there casting life spells like crazy (+8.......). Only issue is one spell like dwellers could wipe out the unit pretty easily.

Still noobing at fantasy at the moment. Alasdair and I entered a doubles fantasy tournie at GW Parramatta in three weeks time. We are still unsure on what to take as we only know two things: 1. Hydra's are pretty decent and Master on Pegasus is pretty decent.

Till next time.


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