Friday 10 May 2013

Battle report: Eldars vs Chaos Daemons & Dark Eldars

After so long planning it, talking about it and thinking when could we possibly do it, we finally played our first 2000 points game, mixing Eldars, Dark Eldars and Chaos Daemons in the same game. In my opinion, one of our best games so far, even though that we could only play 4 turns because the shop was closing a little bit earlier today.


Chris (Eldars) vs Ruben (Chaos Daemons & Dark Eldars)

Army list

Chris (Eldars)

Eldrad Ulthran [210]

Autarch [70] [103] - Scorpion chainsword [5]
 - Swooping hawk wings [20]
 - Death spinner [5]
 - Banshee mask [3]

5 x Ranger [95] [120] - 5 x Pathfinder [25]

10 x Dire Avenger [120] [152] - 1 x Dire Avenger Exarch [12]
     - Shuriken catapult [5]
     - Bladestorm [15]

3 x Guardian Jetbike [66] [76] - Shuriken cannon [10]

3 x Guardian Jetbike [66] [76] - Shuriken cannon [10]

10 x Howling Banshee [160] [187] - 1 x Howling Banshee Exarch [12]
     - Mirrorswords [10]
     - War shout [5]
Wave serpent [90] - Twin-linked scatter laser [25]
 - Shuriken cannon [10]

7 x Striking Scorpion [112] [149] - 1 x Striking Scorpion Exarch [12]
     - Chainsabres [5]
     - Shadowstrike [20]

5 x Swooping Hawk [105] [127]
 - 1 x Swooping Hawk Exarch [12]
     - Hawk's talon [10]

5 x Warp Spider [110] [127] - 1 x Warp Spider Exarch [12]
     - Death spinner [5]

2 x Vyper [90] [120] - 2 x Scatter laser [30]

Fire prism [115] [125]
 - Shuriken cannon [10]

Wraithlord [90] [120] - Scatter laser [20]
 - Wraithblade [10]
 - 2 x Flamer [0]

4 x Dark Reaper [140] [182] - 1 x Dark Reaper Exarch [12]
     - Tempest launcher [20]
     - Crack shot [10]

Ruben (Chaos Daemons & Dark Eldar)

Dark Eldars (Dark Eldar) - 1,999 points

Lelith Hesperax (175)

10 Kabalite Trueborn (250)

10 Hekatrix Bloodbrides (195)


20 Kabalite Warriors (215)


10 Kabalite Warriors (100)

Detachment: Fortifications

Aegis Defence Lines (85)

Detachment: Chaos Daemons (Chaos Daemons)

Skarbrand (225)

Heralds of Chaos (85)

Herald of Khorne

Heralds of Chaos (110)

Herald of Nurgle

Palanquin of Nurgle

16 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (144)

20 Bloodletters of Khorne (200)

10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle (90)

Heavy Support
Skull Cannon of Khorne (125)

Battle report

The mission that we played was "Crusade", and there were 4 objetives around the table. Chris placed 2 on his deployment side, and I did the same, but in a pretty stupid way, leaving one of mine in open field, just because I didn't even thought about it, and I was like "Ehhh, whatever". Chris was wiser, and put one with Eldrad and his Dire avengers, and the other one with his pathfinders on top of the ruins. 

Chris got to pick side of the table, and I got the initiative to start in turn 1, so I deployed first, in what I would realize later, a very stupid way. I deployed everything but the Plaguebearers and the Bloodletters. 

On the other side, Chris deployed basically half of his army in a corner of the table, with just Eldrad and his Dire Avengers in his left side. He left in reserve his Spiders, Hawks, Scorpions and a unit of jetbikes. Banshees were inside the wave serpent. 

Turn 1
 The start of the game for me was very quick, but promising as well. I moved my Bloodbrides in cover forward, my small unit of Kabalite Warriors and my Pink horrors, trying to get in range. I got in range of Chris' Fire Prism, but I couldn't even glance it with my phychic powers, but measuring everything, and for our both surprise, his Wraithlord was exactly on range. 4D6 hits on him, just a few wounds on him, but luckily for me, Chris managed to roll 3 ones in his armor saves! First blood was for me!

Chris on his side couldn't believe his bad luck on those rolls. But it was his turn, and he had my most hated unit, the Pink Horrors, on open field. He had 4 Reapers with Exarch, Fire Prism, 3 Jetbikes, 2 Vypers and the wave serpent, all with scatter lassers. You can imagine the massacre. If I remember well, he managed to kill 11 Pink Horrors in a turn. Also, with his pathfinders and a precission shot, he killed one of my trueborns with a dark lance...

Turn 2

I rolled for reserves, and just the Bloodletters came in deep strike, but in a really good position, close to the dire avengers, but out of their sight. Khorne was smiling at me. I kept moving my bloodbrides forward, and put my Pink horrors closer to cover, yet still on open field. The shooting phase gave us a big surprise, and one of the highlights of the game for two different reasons. The Warp Table roll gave me a 9, Khorne's wrath, which is a small blast S8 AP3 on a roll of 6 in each enemy unit, and my own Slanesh units. I managed to roll 2 sixes, one on the wave serpent, glancing it, and one in the Dire avengers! Problem was, that as I'm new with Daemons, I didn't read everything properly, and both Chris and I didn't realize about the "scatter" thing. Even though it was a small blast, all Chris' dire avengers were very close hiding, so it killed 8 of them! We didn't think about it until the end of the game...and I felt so bad! I even rolled a scatter dice at home, and I got double 2 and hit, but out of the game. Felt so beer round is on me Chris!

After Chris finished his cursing and swearing for loosing Eldrad's bodyguards, he rolled reserves, and his striking scorpions came in the side of the table he chose. Also his bikes came, next to Eldrad. His shooting phase was devastating, and he killed all my Pink Horrors but 2 and more Kabalite Warriors. Seeing what it was coming, Chris shoot with his Jetbikes and remaining Dire Avengers to my doomed Bloodletters, killing 5 of them. Next turn was gonna be interesting for both sides...

Turn 3

My Bloodletters were blood thirsty after their humiliation in their last game, so they charged Eldrad and the 2 remaining bodyguards. They killed the avengers, but Mr. Fortune stayed alive with his re rolls and on top of that, he kept engaged in combat not failing his leadership test. My Dark Eldars decided to shoot at the Hawks, managing to kill 3 of them after Chris' autarch got a million successful armor saves. 

On return, Chris vanished from the table all my pink horrors, and the kabalite warriors remaining in my left flank. Also the jetbikes shot at the bloodbrides and Lelith, killing 7 out of 10 between the jetbikes and Hawks. Lelith was by herself with just 2 other bloodbrides left...this turn was devastating for me...but the Bloodletters were still in combat with Eldrad. He kept getting armor saves and invulnerable saves from my herald, but at the end, I killed him, leaving me with 2 options: consolidate and keep the objetive that I just captured, or keep going in rampage against the howling banshees that got out of the wave serpent...Khorne loves blood, what can I say...

Turn 4

Last turn as we had no more time. I failed to deep strike the Plaguebearers again, and Chris had the chance to place them wherever he wanted. That was on top of the copses of the Pink Horrors. Lelith was claiming vengeance and the Bloodletters were in rampage, so both charge the Hawks and Banshees. My mistake, I accepted a challenge from the banshees, and both killed each other. The remaining banshees killed left 5 bloodletters alive, which killed ALL the howling banshees in return. Those AP 3 blades are awesome...Lelith killed the Hawks remaining, leaving just the Autarch alive, not getting any wounds in return thanks to her 3+ inv save in close combat (I also forgot here that his Autarch should have 1 attack less because of Lelith's weapons...I'm such a noob...)

Chris in return, killed all the remaining Khorne's heroes, ALL the plaguebearers in a rain of fire and charging them with his scorpions that slaugther them into pieces and captured all the objetives that I was leaving behind in my blood streak. Lelith ended up killing the Autarch in close combat...and that was it!!


Chris (Eldars): 3 objetives (9 points) + line breaker (1 point) = 10 points
Ruben (ChD&DE): 1 objetive (3 points)+first blood(1 point)+slay the warlord(1 point)=5 points

Final result:
Eldars 10 - Chaos Daemons & Dark Eldar 5

Eldars Win!!!

Highlights form the game (according to Chris)

Ruben- "So what were the highlights of the game for you? Remember that I'm quoting, so you can swear"
Chris- "No, I won't swear..."
Chris-"Probably the Nurgle being dropped in front of my scorpions and summarily slaughtered - that was good"
Chris - "Killing a bunch of your Bloodbrides was fun until they turned and killed my defendless Autarch"
Chris - "Having all but one of my vehicles at the end of the game and using them properly (rather than rushing everything forwards to die)"
Chris - "Bad was your blatant cheating in the death of my Dire Avengers which consequently meant the death of Eldrad and my Banshees which should have charged but I didn't expect to fail FOUR INVULNERABLE SAVES IN A FUCKING ROW!"


  1. That's ridiculous, I don't swear! Good report though - to be fair, the Khorne demons were due to do something other than die.

  2. You left out the beer break we were all forced to undertake.

  3. That gorilla's beer wasn't that bad after all...


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