Sunday 12 May 2013

Eldar Rumour Watch, Commentary and Wishlisting. *Updated*

With Faeit out for the count for another few days, rumour watch has become rather more difficult. However, thanks to Loken over at Apoc40k we have a summary of the current Eldar rumours:

From BOLS:

Word has reached us of two divergent schools of though for the latest codex shuriken family, and the jury is still out on which one was ultimately selected. Both are highly divergent from the short-ranged 12" S:4 AP:5 Assault 2 weapon we have now (oh those poor, poor Guardians). Here we go folks:
OPTION A: The Bane of Flesh
Shuriken Pistol 12" S:4 AP5 Pistol, Fleshbane
Shuriken Catapult 18" S:4 AP5 Assault 2, Fleshbane
Dire Avenger Shuriken Catapult 24" S:4 AP:5 Assault 2, Fleshbane
Shuriken Cannon 24" S:6 AP:5 Assault 3, Fleshbane
Shuriken Shreiker Cannon 24" S:6 AP:5 Assault 3, Fleshbane, Poison(4+), Pinning

OPTION B: The Rain of Shuriken
Shuriken Pistol 12" S:4 AP5 Pistol
Shuriken Catapult 18" S:4 AP5 Salvo2/4
Dire Avenger Shuriken Catapult 24" S:4 AP:5 Salvo 2/4
Shuriken Cannon 24" S:6 AP:5 Salvo 3/6
Shuriken Shreiker Cannon 24" S:6 AP:5 Salvo 3/6, Poison(4+), Pinning
When considering rumours, you usually need to take an objective stance or "a bit of salt." However, when considering these Eldar rumours  I would recommend not a small amount of salt, but rather an oceans worth. There really is not much that can be taken as possible.


I'm going to call both of these rumors as crap. Fleshbane would wreck the game and salvo would be way to OP. The ONLY thing believable on that list is the increase in general infantry weapons by 6".


I would say that only the following can be taken as somewhat reliable in the current Eldar rumours:
1. Eldar are next.
2. There will be a big "Wraithknight."
3. Repackage of Jetbikes and Wraithguard.
4. Flyers.
5. Eldrad mastery level 4.
6. Guardians 7 points each.
7. Runes of Warding will be nerfed to a limited range.

The "Pulse lance" rumour for the big WK is interesting. It can go two ways, if it is the only primary weapon option then it is rubbish. If it is one of two or three options, it is acceptable. No one will want to pay a huge amount of points for two shots. I do expect it to be very similar to the Riptide in terms of being able to take a primary big weapon and a bunch of secondary scatter lasers.

I think the most concerning part of the upcoming release for Eldar players (Including Chris and I) will be the changes to psychic powers. It is likely that we will see our farseers rolling for powers like most other races instead of picking and choosing. It would be pretty cool for there to be different psychic trees separating offensive and supportive powers that we can roll on but I doubt that will happen.

I would love to see Autarch's being brought back into the sphere of compatibility. Currently their use is rather limited as thanks to sixth edition I can take a comms relay on my defence line for the gelp on my reserve rolls for less points (plus it means I can take two farseers!). I would imagine that if an Autarch was your warlord, his trait would be something like seizing the initiative on a 5+ or giving +1 to the roll for first turn.

Aspects commentary:

Howling Banshees:
Nothing is more ridiculous than having a huge mob of our favorite cover girls come screaming out of a transport and not being able to assault. Easily fixed through an Eldar assualt vehicle.

Dire Avengers:
I have always been a huge fan of Dire Avengers and I doubt that will change in the new book. If any wish listing could be made for this unit, it is an increase in range (there is speculation that Shuriken weapons will get rending but I'm extremely doubtful).

Striking Scorpions and Fire Dragons:
Relatively low cost will likely mean they stay the same. Although It would be nice for scorpions to gain stealth as a standard USR.

Dark Reapers:
Small drop in points please but overall not much change needed.

Swooping Hawks:
The Exarch's intercept rule can be made into something pretty cool such as being able to haywire grenade a flyer on the turn they deep strike in...................highly doubtful....more likely to just simply disappear or be auto hit vehicles.

Warp Spiders:
The final group of the aspects. I love these guys and I hope they are just as awesome in the new book as they are in the current one. It would be cool for these guys to get a similar jump move to what GK interceptor squads have.


Shining Spears:
Wow these guys are bad for their points cost. I know plenty of players stand by them as a hit and run troll unit but really.....they are bad. Having Hammer of Wrath now does help to alleviate some of their points cost but overall they die way to easily and really only work if you have a prescience seer in the unit to decimate everything before getting hit back........oh wait LOL they don't have grenades either so you will be striking last most of the time.

I could sit here all day commenting on Eldar but I will be doing enough of that in three weeks time when the codex comes out (hopefully!). I will say one last thing though.......

Web....Way....Gate. Come on GW! Give our farseers the ability to open gates as either a Psychic power or as a warlord trait!

Till next time.



  1. When Chris reads this he's gonna wet his pants.

  2. Fleshbane and reduction of Guardians to 7 points? I'm taking 100 guardians in every game.

    1. Fleshbane won't happen man, it's straight out wish listing. Shred is more likely but even that I would doubt. The only changes I am expecting on Guardians, apart from the points reduction, is a change to their options on support platform weaponry.

    2. I think shred would be rather fitting for shuriken, if you think of ninja pointy star things anyway.... Nice to read some eldar rumours, its been rather lacking since faeit went down. First decent post ive found in a while.
      PS. First post here. Only normally read faeit, but current situations and all.....

    3. Yeah fluff wise shred is pretty cool and I would love to see it on the new weapons but I wouldn't get my hopes up to much. I'm going to guess that all we will see is a change up in weapon ranges but I'm happy to be proven wrong!


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