Friday 19 April 2013

Battle report: Eldar/Space Marines Vs Dark Eldar/Imperial Guard

This is the first battle report for the blog, and we didn't have time to arrange everything we wanted for it, so it's gonna be a "light" battle report. We didn't get any pictures or anything as we wanted to record the game, so we could remember every single detail about the game, and be very specific with what happened on it, so basically, I'm gonna post the armies, short story about the game, and highlights. 

Players: Chris/Ruben Vs Alex/Alasdair (CR and AA in the report)

Armies list:

Farseer with Singing Spear and Guide - 78
3 x Guardian Jetbikes with one Shuriken Cannon upgrade - 76
3 x Guardian Jetbikes with one Shuriken Cannon upgrade - 76
5 x Pathfinders - 120
6 x Striking Scorpions including Exarch with Chainsabres and Shadowstrike - 133
10 x Guardians with Shuriken Cannon - 85
Wave Serpent with Twin-Linked Shuriken Catapults and Twin-Linked Shuriken Cannons - 100
War Walker with two Shuriken Cannons - 40
War Walker with two Shuriken Cannons - 40

748 points

Space Marines
1 x Captain Lysander - 200
10 x Tactical Space Marines with 1 x flamer & 1 x missile launcher - 180
5 x Scouts with Sniper rifles - 75 
5 x Sternguard Veterans
1 x Predator with auto cannon & 2 x side sponsons with heavy bolters - 85
1 x Whirlwind - 85

750 points

Imperial Guard
Company Command Squad: Astropath; Veteran Weapons Team (autocannon). 90
Guardsman Marbo 65
Platoon Command Squad: 4× flamer. 170
• Infantry Squad: +1 Sergeant; Heavy Weapons Team (autocannon).
• Infantry Squad: +1 Sergeant; Heavy Weapons Team (autocannon).
Platoon Command Squad: 4× flamer. 165
• Infantry Squad: +1 Sergeant; Heavy Weapons Team (autocannon).
• Infantry Squad: +1 Sergeant; Heavy Weapons Team (mortar).
1 Vendetta Gunship 130
1 Vendetta Gunship 130

750 points 

Dark Eldar
Haemonculus 50
3 Kabalite Trueborn: 2× splinter cannon. 131
• Venom: splinter cannon; night shields.
3 Kabalite Trueborn: 2× splinter cannon. 131
• Venom: splinter cannon; night shields.
3 Kabalite Trueborn: 2× splinter cannon. 131
• Venom: splinter cannon; night shields.
3 Wracks 105
• Venom: splinter cannon; night shields.
3 Wracks 30
Ravager: 3× disintegrator cannon; torment grenade launchers; night shields. 120
Aegis Defence Lines 50

748 points

Battle report

The only picture that we get (Chris did actually) was from the scenery. There it is:

The mission for the game was "Big guns never tire" which basically means that all the heavy support units were scoring points and, oh crap, there's a few heavy support on the table already...

We rolled for objetives and there are 5 around the table, 3 in CR side and 2 in AA side. In CR side the Space Marines deployed everything but Lysander, and Eldars just deployed the farseer with pathfinders and the wave serpent with the guardians inside. Guess who's gonna get shot in turn one...

In AA side everything is deployed but Marbo and both Flyers with 4 flamers or masterchefs inside each. You'll see why. 

AA started first, with an strategy that Chris and I didn't expect, as Alex kept his venoms out of range and didn't do much, although we understood after why. Alasdair shoot the shit out of the Space Marines targeting the Tactical Squad and the snipers, but just killing one of the first ones. CR turn 1 went quick as well, moving forward the Tactical Squad and causing a couple of wounds in their shooting phase, the Predator shooting at the Ravager not even glancing it, the snipers scaring the Imperial Guard by shooting at the floor and trees, and the Whirlwind showing a nice firework exhibition that Gandalf would love, and hitting nothing at all in the process. Mean while, the Pathfinders were talking about what ABBA's song was better and did nothing during the turn either. 

Turn 2, as usual, became way more exciting, ask Chris. I can still remember his face when Marbo came from reserve infiltrated on top of the building exactly 1 ich away from his Pathfinders and Farseer. It got even "better" when he used his demo charge in the shooting phase and wipe out all the Pathfinders in a shot. Just after that massacre, we ask Alasdair the stats of Marbo, and Chris became whiter. I just told him "Mate, your farseer is gonna get raped...". 
If that wasn't impressive enough, both flyers came from reserve as well to start shooting at our Predator and Whirlwind with Twink Lass cannons (WTF!!!). One penetrating hit on the Predator made him loose a heavy bolter. Meanwhile, the the Imperial Guard kept shooting and anything that moved in the field, which basically was my Tactical Squad... and also to the snipers to show them how are they supposed to shoot, but they didn't do much better either... Another 3 Tactical dead this turn with 6 to go.
CR's turn came and we rolled for reserves. Chris does amazing in his rolls, deploying outflanking everything in reserve but one jetbike squad. I rolled for Lysander successfully and he deeps strike at 0,999999 inches of an annoying imperial guard, so he goes back to reserve (imagine, coming to battle in this jetpack with his terminator armor, thunderhammer... and when he's landing he's like "Oh wait, I think I didn't lock the car" and leave...). Chris did great this turn doing some glancing points in Alex's Ravager and a Venom with his walkers . It was in this moment when I realized that Karma exists. Chris decided to shoot and charge Marbo, because if you're gonna be raped, at least make it difficult! Our surprise was that Marbo, attacking first with his 5 attacks and high initiative, he just inflicted 1 wound in the farseer...and this one attacked him back and killed him!! (Chris said it was head butting him). The Tactical Squad kept advancing and the missile launcher that the snipers had actually instant killed and auto cannon of the imperial guard. Predator didn't managed to wound anything, and the Whirlwind kept scattering at 12 inches out of nowhere.  That was a lot of action for a turn!

Turn 3 was destructive for AA's team. Both flyers decided to cut the crap and destroy both vehicles, Predator and Whirlwind on the same turn. The Whirlwind even blow up, not damaging anything, as usual... All the auto cannons focused Chris' walkers this turn, destroying one of them, and the moment that we didn't want to come did, and Alex started to shoot with his Venoms. Chris scorpions got the most of the fire, but their armor saved them from a massacre, loosing just 2 of them. He shoot at the Tactical Squad and the Snipers as well, just loosing 2 Tactical and 1 Sniper in the process. That turn was scary as hell, but now it was our turn to strike back.
First Lysander roll again to come from reserve, trying to deep strike farther than before, but he decided to scatter 9 inches this time and once again, at 0,9999 inches of another unit (his warlord this time, actually). This time he forgot something in the oven....(face palm...) but at least Chris was still focus in the game doing actually something unlike me. His scorpions charged the imperial guard from the flank getting a casualty, but killing their whole unit in the process. His walkers completely destroyed the Ravager and his Jetbikes cause a glancing hit in one of the Flyers. Between all of this, my Tactical Squad shoot at the Imperial Guard, tickling them and then they tried to charge, failing it. The Snipers kept drinking beer on top of the building, guarding the objetive, but killing nothing. The Sternguard came back from cover to shoot at the back of one of the Flyers doing nothing on their 10 shots but putting shame on them. 

If you are under 18 or are reading with your kids, skip this part, cause turn 4 was just a massacre... Alex showed us that Venoms are something more than fancy transports. He wiped out Chris' scorpions in the blink of an eye, just to after that shoot at the Tactical Squad leaving just 2 of them alive, running away for their lives. Alasdair's auto cannons destroyed the remaining walker and did a penetrating hit on the wave serpent, immobilizing it. If this wasn't enough, both flyers left 8 masterchefts, 4 in each side of our Sternguard and Jetbikes that were shooting at the flyers before. My whole Sternguard got cooked medium-well, but on the positive side, 2 of the Jetbikes, after amazing armor saves, survived. That turn really hurt us, and we needed something to high up our morale...
At this point of the game, and after what just happened to us, I couldn't give a shit about Lysander anymore, so I placed him in the whole middle of their army, with their warlord, venoms and everything on charge range...and he didn't scatter this time!! But, wait a can't shoot or anything this turn! You piece of s...!
After a shot talk with Chris, we decided that this was clearly lost, but we were gonna try to do it with dignity, so Chris moved both Jetbikes squadrons to the different objetives to hold them while my Snipers were still holding our 3rd objetive. Hopefully, Lysander and the Guardians would do their job. The 2 Tactical Squad remaining running away, decided to shoot at the flamers, killing one of them. Snipers.... it's not even worth it to write about it... Guardians focus their fire on the Warlord and they wound him once. Not Much more to do, as we were running out of units...but something unbelievable was about to come...

Turn 5 was random, but crazy at the same time. Last turn, so time to do things right I guess. Let's face it, Lysander can't shoot and he might only have 3 attacks, but whatever he hits is an instant death, and 4 wounds with 2+ armor save and 3+ inv. save are scary... So AA's team decided to focus him at the beginning, and then kill our remaining Snipers and Jetbikes holding the objetives. Alex started shooting with one Venom (24 shots), then another one....and then another one!! After receiving 72 shoots, Lysander was still alive!Then The remaining Imperial Guard starting shooting at him, not being all in range, making it 82 shots...and still alive with a remaining wound! The 4 of us couldn't believe it. Last shot, a lass pistol...and killed him!! A LASS PISTOL!! The 4 of us screamed at the same time when we saw the 1 roll. It was actually hilarious... So Lysander died, but his job was done. They focused almost the whole fire of their army on him, so both Jetbikes holding objetives were save. There was only one Venom left pending to shot, and he did it on the 3 snipers left which all of them survived! On top of that, all the flamers shoot at them as well...and survived too!
Our 5th and last turn came and we had not much more to do than holding our objetives and tried to kill something. That something was hiding the whole game, and was called their warlord. Chris heroically (not really...) tried to charge through difficult terrain needing a 9, but he rolled lower and failed. My remaining Tactical Squad Killed another 2 flamers. That was it! Time to count points!


Eldars / Space Marines : 3 objetives (9 points) + Linebreaker (1 point) + Ravager killed (1 point) = 11 points

Dark Eldar / Imperial Guard: 2 objetives (6 points) + Linebreaker (1 point) + Slain the Warlord (1 point) + Predator, Whirlwind, 2 Walkers (4 points) + First Blood (1 point) = 13 points

Final Score: CR:11 - AA: 13

Dark Eldars & Imperial Guard WIN!!

Highlights (according to the players, and I quote)


- "Farseer killing his infiltrate unit head butting to death"

- " Rangers falling to demo charge in turn one" - "It was in turn 2" - "Yeah, seemed like turn 1 :("

- "War walker killing barge of shit"
- "Highlight, Lysander taking 80+ shots"

- "Haha for me Trooper Marbo throwing his demo charge and wiping out the squad of pathfinders was one"
- "the two flamer squads catching the sternguard and bikers between them"
- "the laspistol killing lysander haha"

- "Lysander tanking the hits and dying to a laspistol was good"
- "Not losing any venoms"

Hope you guys liked it, and comment as much as you want!!


  1. Great battle report! I'm looking forward to the rematch where hopefully we can finally kill some venoms...

  2. I have a personal Vendetta with their warlord and flamers.


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