Monday 17 November 2014

The Hobbit: need a new combat character.

WOW, time warp to the extreme. It’s been over two weeks since I last got a post up! Anyway, back in action. Let’s talk The Hobbit.

So, on Saturday we hosted our 4th The Hobbit tournament, and it was a blast! The Hobbit is such a great system. Balanced, and a hell of a lot of fun to play. We had an odd number of players so I played the bye rounds with a borrowed Arnor army. It got me thinking about what to add to my current force.
So, my current list relies upon a very basic, but effective hammer and anvil tactic. Essentially speaking, I have high defence dwarves out the front of my army being supported by wood elves with spears. This means that I end up with a wall of Defence 7, Fight 5 combats....awesome! The hammer is made up of 5 Sons of Eorl, who are badass enough to break pretty much any infantry line. They are also horrendously fast moving. Now, playing with Arnor taught me two things. First, that having A LOT of 1 might models is extremely effective, and second, Arathorn is a serious badass (3 might/3 attacks)!

Cheap might points are essential in this game. So I think I may add in two rangers of the north to give me some cheap Might points on the wings. Plus it means I can heroic march to places without draining from my combat heroes. Not sure where I will find 50 points, but It will be somewhere. 

Currently my main combat character is Balin, and to be fair, he can be seriously tough. Defence 8, can re-roll a fight dice, and gets +1 to wound....but while that is awesome, I want more! So, I was thinking of either getting Arathorn in there, the elf twins, or Celeborn. I really like the elf twins, especially since they roll around on foot with 3 attacks EACH. Not to mention if one of them dies, they become str5....3 might each...NICE. However, they are expensive. Celeborn is an absolute badass. His ability to immobilise you as he charges is incredibly scary when you are on the receiving if I can get his armoured model, then I will definitely try it out. 

Of course, more than likely I will wait until the third wave of Hobbit models come out. There might be a hidden gem of an elf character lying around somewhere.....maybe. 

We will see.

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