Friday 25 July 2014

CrAzY's 100 Point X-Wing List

The X-Wing tournament we hosted last weekend was a blast! It made me think some more about how to run Wedge, sohere it is my new 100 point list.

Firstly, here it is:
Airen Cracken – Assault Missile + Veteran instincts
Luke – Shield upgrade, Veteran Instincts and R2D2
Wedge – Shield Upgrade + Predator + R2F2

Alright, so at first it doesn’t seem hugely intimidating. However, this list is designed to kill Phantoms, and it doesn’t stand up too badly against other lists as well. The Shield upgrade and droid on wedge are to make sure he sticks around longer (and he the annoyance of my opponents). The Synergy is for Wedge to move, activate his droid and then wait for Cracken to shoot him over a focus token. Predator is deadly vs low PS ships, which are still around. Plus, even just a single re-roll is nothing to complain about. Luke is the real secret weapon though. His build is nothing new, but it is still deadly. If you only take pot shots at him, you are wasting your time. He will just regen shields or dodge extra attacks using his special ability.

Some people argue that it isn’t necessary to have PS10/PS10/PS9. However, I believe it is. Sure, the highest phantom is PS9 (with vet instincts), but that doesn’t matter. For 2 points, I want to be shooting first with at least two of my ships (sometimes Wedge might have to vs the opposite of himself) as to make sure the simultaneous attack rule doesn’t apply.

I’m anxiously awaiting rebel aces now, I want to try out the new proton rockets!

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