Friday 6 June 2014

X-Wing Game: Advanced Sensors.

As we have previously posted about, X-Wing is an INSANELY good game. Me, being a “forces of good” player, immediately went for a Rebel fleet. As of now I stand with two B-Wings, two X-Wings and a HWK-290. After playing a few games I have learned that the most valuable craft in my fleet are the B-Wings with Advanced Sensors. 

This card allows you to perform an action BEFORE you reveal your manoeuvre dial. This is huge. It means you can dodge out of the way of crafts that may have moved before you, generate focus before doing a red move, or even just Barrel Roll out of the way of an asteroid before completing your move. Of course, you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. Some of the time it’s still just as good to perform the action after the move, however in a game where movement is EVERYTHING, it is a HUGE advantage. I run them on Blue Squadron pilots so they come out as 25 points a piece. They are a huge anchor in my game-play style and will definitely appear in almost all of my squadrons. 

The greatest part is the rumours about B-Wings gaining a modification that allows them to carry a passenger (Rebel Aces Pack?). WOW. Intelligence agents will be everywhere, meaning I can look at your dial to see what you will do, before deciding if I need to perform an action before moving.  Amazing. Can’t wait.
FFG has done a great job with this game, and I am praying that Disney doesn’t axe their licence. I have two Z-95’s on pre-order alongside the Rebel Aces box-set. It’s going to be SICK.

One last thing, we can see a few events on the horizon and are already in talks with our local Good Games about what the scene is.

- Out.

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