Thursday 29 May 2014

Our New 7th Edition Players Pack

The boys and I here at 40k Warzone love running tournaments. Getting involved in the community and seeing them directly benefit and receive enjoyment from what we organise is a truly great feeling, and one we're going to happily embrace with the 7th Edition of 40k. 

I'll break down our Players Pack Weighting: 

60% Battle
25% Paint
15% Sports
+ Correct List Submission Bonus Points
+ Army Theme Bonus Points

So there is a MAXIMUM Score of 115. 

While there haven't been many huge changes in 7th ed, the addition of the Psychic Phase and the potential imbalance it can provide in lower game points definitely needed some attention. As some armies can start their Psychic phase with d6 + 15 or 16 dice for relatively cheap, we've decided to place a cap of d6 + 6 on the amount of dice you can generate per turn - this includes the amount you can generate for the purposes of Deny the Witch attempts. Keep in mind you may still bring as many Psykers as you would like - you just will only ever have a maximum of d6 + 6 dice for the purposes of casting and denying. 

You can take Forge World/Imperial Armour in your army lists. You can NOT take any 30k units. As Super Heavies are allowed in the regular 7th Edition Ruleset we are indeed allowing them - we have been yet to see any bar a few Imperial Knights at this points level however. We've also, obviously, decided to not allow Unbound Lists. We are allowing as many allied detachments as you would like to include however, which includes Dataslates and Formations. Some armies will be able to take advantage of this, which we understand, as the Points Limit is only 1250pts, but on average we think we'll be seeing Primary + Allied/Formation/Dataslate from most players. 

To mitigate the potential of imbalance somewhat however, CrAzY424 decided to come up with awarding Theme Bonus Points (we have implemented this in our Lord of the Rings Tournaments but it's not as weighted). You'll start off with a score of 0/10 and gain or lose points based on the following criteria: 
  • +5 if the entirety of your army list comes from a single codex (or IA/Supplement Books) 
  • +2 if your allied detachment is a "Battle Brother" 
  • +2 if your chosen Warlord is a Special Character 
  • +1 for taking at least one unit from each of the non-compulsory Force Organisation Slots (Elites, Fast Attack, Heavy Support must all be used to gain this point) 
  • -2 if your allied detachment is a "Desperate Ally" 
  • -2 for every additional Allied Detachment after the first
  • -2 for every additional Formation/Dataslate after the first
  • -5 if any of your Pskers select the Malefic Daemonolgy Discipline (Daemons of Chaos and Chaos Space Marines are EXEMPT from this penalty) 
  • You will AUTOMATICALLY SCORE 0/10 if any of your Allied Detachments, Formations or Dataslate selections are categorised as "Come the Apocalypse" in relation to your primary detachment. 
This will, along with a maximum casting pool, somewhat nullify Daemon summoning spammers. 

We're hoping that the restrictions we've placed in our Players Pack will help to balance out the game somewhat at this points level. We know the risks of allowing Super Heavies at such a small points level but with the changes to D Weapons they aren't THAT scary any more - if you wipe the opposing scoring then you are at a significant advantage. 

It will be certainly interesting to see how this Players Pack goes at our first 7th Edition Tournament on the 28th of June and we'll be chucking our Players Packs for all three systems up on our Facebook page over the next few days. 

So let me know your thoughts! Obviously everything has room for improvement and there is no better way to get that from testing and a little good ol' outside perspective. Keep in mind we're trying to provide an environment that entices the hobbyist, the social gamer, the fluffy gamer and the competitive gamer. 

While you're at it hit us a like on Facebook! - We occasionally do community polls and we will have our Players Packs up there in the next few days for everyone to check out. 

Hope you're all enjoying 7th Ed! 

Alles gute, 


  1. Sounds great to me. Once the new Ork book hits I'm looking forward to hitting the singles 40k tournament scene. Might even take my dread mob for a few outings.

  2. Super amused that you get points for submitting a "correct list". I might have to steal that idea for our Firestorm tournaments. Call it a "Logistics Bonus" or something.

    Good luck with the tournament!

    1. Haha that's a good name for it! We just use it as a bit of an incentive for players to submit their lists a bit earlier - more of a trouble saver for us.

  3. How are you going to enforce the malefic powers when a player can choose what powers they generate each game?

    1. Players pack will tell you - I.e keeping the same psychic discipline the entire way through. Similar to how fantasy works in tournaments.

  4. Sounds good. However, you would penalize some fluffy army builds like Traitor Guard (Chaos + IG) that are categorized as "come the apocalypse" now (for whatever reason).

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