Friday 11 April 2014

What type of collector are you?

When it comes down to collecting armies, there are a number of different collector types. There are guys that collect a bit of everything, guys that collect EVERYTHING, and the last type, who I envy, are those who are happy with a single army.

I, for one, am part of the bit of everything group. I started the hobby off with Dark Eldar, but that soon expanded to Eldar, which then became Tau. All of which I have enough to go to a tournament with. Although, only the Dark Eldar is fully painted. It’s the same with LOTR. I began with Elves, and now I pretty much say I collect “Good.” It has it’s upsides in that I have a variety of models, but it’s a pain to store and paint. Let alone keep up with releases. 

Spicerack, however, is one of those annoying types of guys that are happy with one army. In his case, it is Imperial Guard and Dark Elves. Everything is mostly painted, and stored neatly. He can resist new releases quite easily, and is never swayed by the look of new armies. 

Then there are some guys, primarily at our local store, who just spam everything from the new releases. They MUST spend almost 90% of their disposable income on buying new releases. What they do with it I just don’t know. Re-sell it maybe? I admire these guys simply because each of them must make up at least 0.5% of the store’s annual revenue. Perhaps even 1% for some! Huge! Keeps our gaming space open.

Of course there are a number of other smaller categories, but I would say they are the main three.



  1. I'm probably in the same category as you then. I collect Dak Eldar, Eldar and Tau, and then a couple of models from random armies I like the look of, to paint.

  2. Well...

    Black Templars
    Crimson Fists
    Imperial Fists
    Dark Angels
    Militarum Tempestus
    Tau Empire
    Dark Eldar

    Whatever that makes me...

  3. I'd love to call myself exclusively addicted to Eldar, however I bought two smaller armies just so friends had something to play, should they want to get into the game. Then again, I have an addictive personality, and once I latch onto something, breaking away is a very hard thing to do (17 years and 90k of Eldar later...).

  4. Arrgh.

    Space Hulk, Genestealer & Deathwing
    Deathwing/Marine Rogue Trader force (thanks for that, Space Hulk!)
    Space Marine/Epic 2nd edition - Marines & IG
    Advanced Space Crusade - Dark Angels & Tyranids
    *insert ~10 year break here*
    40k 5th edition - Dark Angels & Deathwing
    Then Tau (for the PEW and their newness at hte time).
    Then Eldar (damn you, Falcon design <3 )
    Then Necrons (skirmishing force, fed up of pre-5th codices)
    Then 6th edition (expensive year for me, last year - DA, Tau & Eldar)
    Picked up a Carnifex in honour of my old metal Screamer-Killer.
    Then Tyranids.
    Girlfriend threatens me with death.


  5. hmmm....

    Servants of Decay
    Blood angels
    Ogre Kingdoms

    I think I may need help... especially when I also consider I sold off four armies last


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