Wednesday 23 April 2014

Dark Eldar HQ's for tournament play.

Dark Eldar aren't getting any easier to play at the competitive level. Particularly without Eldar allies. The reality of the situation is that the only viable choice these days is the mighty Haemonculus.

Well that's not particularly true actually. There are two realistic choices. The first is the Baron. +1 to go first can't be overlooked, particularly since DE need to hit hard, and fast, before being shot back. Stealth and jump infantry are also incredibly useful, not to mention the phantasm grenade launcher. "baron bomb" has been causing havoc in the world for a while now. The old 2++ rerollable (with fortune) means you can just roll around the board with a huge amount of razor wings and Khymeraes. It's fast moving and hits pretty damn hard. However, I think with the talk about comp restrictions coming back into play, the mighty Haemonculus will lead the day.

I know a lot of DE players that already do this. Archons are becoming far too easy to kill these days, even with a 2+ invul. Baron works well because your farseers can keep up on jet bikes (attached to the unit), however foot archons just aren't the same. Plus they don't bring anything else like Baron does. For the cost of a fully kitted Archon you can have at least one more Warrior/Blaster/Venom. The named characters are particularly competitive. Vects 4+ seize can be hilarious but some armies don't even care if you go first or not. Particularly Eldar who just hide up the back with insane cover saves and 2+ penetration downgrades (a one hull point serpent is enough to ruin your day!). Although I'm saying that, my triple wraithknight army would dread facing off against a vect venom spam list. However, again he is a huge points sink, especially I'm events that are 1250 or less. Instead, the 50 point haemonculus is where things are headed. No need for some special gimmick or anything like that. It's just there to give you your hq choice. Keeping him alive can be a problem, but just stick him in a wrack unit and go to ground if need be.

Talking of Wracks, them becoming troops is great. 3 wracks in a venom being spammed is horrendously cheap, and packs a far amount of poison damage for under 100 points. In smaller tournaments this is exactly what I do, especially in doubles. haemmy and as many wrack venoms as I can. 

You can take a Liq gun just for a bit of extra hilarity and over watch defence, but don't ever rely on it. I'm really just advocating a bare bones haemmy. Test it out for yourself and see how many other points you can free up.


  1. I usually take one as allies for my eldar just to get acess to the hellions.

  2. Didnt Pure Dark Eldar win Cancon in Australia this year?


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