Monday 31 March 2014

Warzone #2 Debrief

Yesterday we hosted a hugely successfully LOTR tournament here in Sydney. All up, 24 players duked it out at Good Games Town Hall.

The Hobbit is a fantastic system, and while it took 6 months of digging to get the Sydney players organised, it was well worth it. The sparsity of LOTR events within Australia has led to a lot of players in our sister cities willing to travel. In fact, out of the 24 players who took part, seven came from other cities! Now that is determination!

We did have a handful of issues over the day, but they were mostly to do with timing (easily fixed). The scoring system worked well, especially the bonus points per round. The Fate of Heroes (spend no fate) was by far the most common of them. Most people opted to allow their heroes to die, and score the bonus point, rather then keeping them around. Overall, I don't think the scoring system will change that much at the future events.

Here are a link to the pictures of the day:

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic event, from an interstater no issues at all!


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