Sunday 23 March 2014

Some signs that GW does actually care.

Lately I've been having a lot of chats with the local GW store manager. Usually about the future of our events, and how that has been impacting upon the store's business. Obviously we don't discuss the financials of it, but yesterday we talked about how the store is bringing back the employment of a Casual staff member for Saturdays. This will help out our events immensely.

This isn't HUGE news. For most people it will hardly impact upon them. However, it makes a difference to our events in the long run. The store has had so much business starting to come through it's doors on Saturdays that HQ has authorised the manager to hire the additional help. The catch? My guess is that it mustn't impact on the current financials. Makes sense.

One of the biggest changes is that there will be no more closing for lunch......okay, again, this isn't a HUGE difference. However, it also means that the store operating hours can be extended for special events. For instance, usually we run tournaments from 10am-5pm. With the store closing at lunch for 30 mins in the middle. However, now that there is an extra staff member, it means we could possibly start the day at 9am, and finish at 530pm. That's GREAT. It means we can essentially have a 4th round in the mini tournaments, OR up the points limit. Currently we run at 750 for singles and 1,000 (500 each) for doubles (40k). With extended hours this can be pushed to 1250 for singles and 1500 for doubles! Awesome.

It will also help the store immensely. Having those additional staff on Saturdays means they can process more sales. It is busy enough for this to happen, so GW has made a good move here. I'm hoping in some way that our events can help to push the revenue enough to the point where he can have a casual work on Thursday nights. It would mean no more closing for dinner for 30 minutes (a real pain on games night).

Now back to the idea that GW is "starting to care." Personally, I don't always agree with the internet about the company "abandoning" it's customer base. They just went with a different business model. However, small revelations such as these is an indication that they are willing to change their ways if things are going to plan.

Those are my thoughts anyway.

- Out.


  1. So, they care about what? Maximising sales? This just sounds like Stockholm Syndrome.

    1. If it means I can fit in an extra game on a Thursday night (eventually.....hopefully lol) then they can go for maximising sales as much as they want to. I do see the similarities to SHS though.


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