Monday 3 March 2014

Ranting going right.

You know what my view is on GW at the moment? Pretty damn good!

Usually I might have some niche little thing that annoys me about some release, but no more! The release schedule is great, it means we no longer have to wait on the edges of the rumour mill, waiting for a faint whisper of what is to come. What comes next doesn't particularly phase me because I am now playing catch up with the already current releases.

The Imperial Knights are cool, if they are painted right that is. There is a lot of hobby opportunity in the modelling of these boys. I am beginning to see some very impressive Chaos conversions. It shows that GW is really moving away from the rigidity of codex releases, and moving into a much more open hobby. Okay, for the tournament organisers it can be a nightmare - including ourselves. When we release a players pack, by the time the tournament comes around we would have had to answer around two months worth of FAQ's on the latest releases. However, that is a small price to pay. 

The release of both Legion of the Damned and the second Tyranids dataslate is just brilliant. The Nid formations offer a huge amount of variety to it's parent codex. I don't doubt that we will begin to see a number of interesting combinations. Furthermore, having the flaming marines as it's own detachment is fairly cool. Competitively it is nothing like Inquisition, however, for the fluff gamer, it is a treasure trove. 

Fantasy releases have been brilliant as of late. Dark Elves were spectacular, and Dwarves were just as good. I have high hopes for Wood Elves - a key reason as to why I have held off from updating my Dwarf army.

Those are just my quick thoughts for now.

- Out.

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