Tuesday 18 February 2014

Warzone Battle Brothers

Alright, so we always talk about our upcoming events on the blog before their "official" announcement. Today, we have the preliminary information on the Battle Brothers event.

5th April at Games Workshop: Sydney.

500 Points each player.

Revised Force Orginisation Chart:
1-3 Troops
0-1 Elites.
0-1 Fast Attack.
0-1 Heavy Support.
No Allies slot.
4x4 Board.
All "Come the Apocolypse" alliances are counted as "Desperate Allies."

As usual, we are restricted by the 90 minute time allocations. Consequently, the restricted forge organisation chart is required. Reducing the number of troops required to one gives players that extra 60-100 points to have something interesting in their lists. Furthermore, we thought that allowing everyone to ally was essential to allow for everyone to be welcome. Not everyone is willing to just pair up with a random person, and a lot of people have single armies. 

As usual, there will be a lot of prizes.

We also have plans to launch a painting competition, but we will cover that at a later date.

The "official" announcement is coming on Saturday.

- Out.


  1. Did I hear painting comp?!
    I am all over this like a fat kid on a candy bar!

    1. Yeah mate. We´re thinking about doing like a mini golden daemon in all of our tournaments as well. It's an idea that we have in mind, we will see if it goes into practice or not.


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