Friday 28 February 2014

40K WarZone Hobbyist #4

I already said it on the previous post, but in case that some people didn't read it or missed it, here is the theme for the next entry in our painting competition:
Theme: HQs
Due date: 31st of March. Send your entries at
It can be any HQ, human size, monstruous creature, riding a jetbike...I leave the decision up to you guys! It's always nice to paint an HQ as it's a center piece for our armies.
If you're painting anything that is not 40K related, don't hesitate in sending us an email to and I will answer any questions, and tell you if your entry is valid for the competition or not. In The Hobbit, Special characters should be the painted ones.

One last thing. If you want to submit your HQ with a small guard, you're welcome to do it: for example, a Space Marine Chapter Master with an honor guard. Try not to make it bigger than 5 models.

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