Monday 2 December 2013

Thoughts on the new Hobbit models?

Aside from the ever increasing prices, what do people think of the new models?

Personally, I'm not a fan of most of them. Although, I'm a Wood Elf player, so am loving new models (strangely, nearly all my armies from all three systems have been updated this year! - four and counting!). 

Thranduil, Legolas and the Rangers are the only ones I am taken to. The Palace guard Captains are bad.......really bad. Seriously, what is that? 

Rules wise. I can imagine the Palace Guard having Defence 5 base - 6 with a shield, and something similar to the fearless rule of Khazad Guard while Thranduil is on the board. I use Thranduil already, so will be interested to see what rules he has as his younger self. The Rangers will be D3, like all Wood Elves, but will, hopefully, have additional rules about shooting. I'm praying for the ability to move 3" and shoot without the penalty. Would be awesome. Furthermore, their description states that they are pretty deadly with a knife. No doubt FV5 already. Maybe the ability to feint without the cost of less Fight Value.

If you haven't tried LOTR yet, I suggest you do. The new models are horrifically priced, but the older armies can be picked up cheaper than most 40k forces. 

What are people's thoughts?


  1. I really like the Rangers too. I've been really curious about the LOTR game and it's been hard not to pick up the starter for the dwarfs. So you're saying it's a good game? The prices for some of the models is just insulting, but would it be worth getting a starter and a few of the better priced stuff? That fun?

    1. In my opinion, it is far more balanced than Fantasy or 40k. In saying that though, when something is "Broken" is truly broken beyond belief. However, there aren't really many of them, only one or two that I can think of (and I've only seen it once out of the fifteen games I've played). If you love near a GW, go in for the introduction game. Then, if you decide on it, head over to Ebay.

      I'd say it's worth it, but I know a lot of people have reservations about the system. It is fairly basic, but sometimes that is for the best.


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