Friday 6 December 2013


The words we all hate

Recently, the pile of unpainted plastic I have has been growing at an alarming rate. Normally my painting space is orderly, but at the moment it is just a mess of grey. So this got me thinking qbout deadlines.

The monthly hobby challenge is a goal that I aim to complete every time. This month however, I failed to even block in the colours on my three, three!, models.

I was sorely disapointed with this, and I have still failed to complete them due to a lack of motivation.
So my solution is to create a monthly aim, or quota, and paint and model it by the end of the month. These sort of self enforced deadlines help me retain order and get a sense of achievment, helping me along my hobbying times

So what I want to know is how you control your painting. Do you paint to deadlines, such as a partcular game or tournament? Or do you just paint when it takes your fancy?


  1. I have an excel spreadsheet that I list all my models and the stages they are in, purchased, assembling, needs painting & painted (colour coded) this makes it very visual as to what needs completing and how far off I am to a painted army. on the independent characters podcast they use a kanban board program to do a similar thing. It is also good to reward yourself with a nice project after a particularly tedious unit/vehicle has been completed to keep up motivation

    1. Now that is what I call organised!
      I agree that painting is a hobby, but sometimes I want to paint, but need something to motivate me to get started.

  2. Tournaments are what keep my painting up to date. Plus, now that my painting skill is getting better, I get more motivated to finish models to high standards.

  3. No deadline for me. Painting is a hobby I enjoy, not a job. If I wanted a deadline, I'd try to get paid for it.

    Painting relaxes me. I like taking my time. However I admit I am not a tournament player so I never feel I HAVE to paint anything in time for something.

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  5. Since my first official commission I've decided to paint for 3 hrs a day. Instead of 4 or 5 hours here and there which may lead to possibly 15 hours a week. 3 hrs a day are 21 hrs a week. Thus increasing my productivity.

    I do not envy you, Cyphus. The ever growing amount of plastic is daunting. I refuse to admit the amount at the other end of my living room that people regularly comment about. It is great to have that much crack available. Though painful because it all screams at you at the same time for your attention. Good luck with your ever mounting of plastic crack!


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