Wednesday 11 December 2013

#3 40K WarZone Hobbyist

This new entry is gonna last for 2 months, instead of just 1, as we understand that now between Christmas, family dinners, beer and parties you're not gonna have so much time for painting. So this next entry dues on the 31 of January 2014. Rules are the same as usual, try to stick to the theme, send your pictures to and once the entries are posted, vote please. 
Plebicidal was last months winner, but just by one point. We'll see what happen this month!

Theme: Fast Attack, not vehicles. Any unit that can be considered fast attack, like jump infantry, bikes, jet bikes, beast that are not MC...anything that is more or less "human size". Land Speeders, Flyers or stuff like that is not included in this entry. If you have any issues don't hesitate sending us an email or comment here, and we will let you know if you can do that or not ;)

Let the painting begin!!

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