Tuesday 26 November 2013

Rumors: December Debrief.

Well the wait is over. Yesterday we had GW release a teaser video about the upcoming 40k expansions. Today, Natfka has released December's stock sheet.


Check it out.


For some reason, some people are still holding onto the hope that this list is a "fake" (They really want Nids). It's not, we have seen many of them before. Plus, even our own sources have confirmed its authenticity. Especially since only a few days ago we received an email stating that Thranduil and the Palace Guard would be in the release. Hence, I have no doubt to it's authenticity. 

The new 40k books look cool.

Stronghold Assault is rumoured to give you the ability to take multiple fortifications as a single choice. There were a few rumours of new options coming out but with no back up models, it will likely just consist of the current seven that we have. Although, perhaps even Apocolypse Terrain will crawl it's way into regular 40k at some stage?

The Super Heavy expansion won't change tournament play at all. No T/O will allow Super Heavies in, especially since every race doesn't currently have easy access to models. However, I guess if you are just playing at the local store with mates, you will mutually be using the Super Heavies. It's great for Spicerack, who has a Baneblade sitting at home, but I won't be allowing it whilst playing me until I get a Scorpion or Cobra.

Nids, obviously, are for January. Normally, I would be bummed by this, however, now that I am into The Hobbit SBG, I am glad!

I play Wood Elves in LOTR so getting some new models is pretty cool. I'm hoping for a mounted Thranduil.....hoping. The Mirkwood Spiders look interesting also. Legolas will likely keep the same profile to.

Now we just have to wait for picture leaks to appear....

- Out.


  1. Glad to see another LotR Woodelf Player.

    Are you based in the UK? Do you know about the Great British Hobbit League?

    If tournament gaming is something you're interested in check out the Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/GBHLPodcast for more info.

    1. Sorry mate, 5/6 of us on the blog are based in Australia! Struggling LOTR scene in Sydney, we are trying to get it going again.


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