Saturday 16 November 2013

Forge World Clear Up

Good evening!
Some exciting news to clear up the Forge World debacle!
Via an Anonymous (but trusted) Source:
- All rules from Forgeworld should be considered official for casual games and Apocalypse.
- They are not used in official events because they are designed for Campaign play. But they are official for normal games.
*     *      *
Well there you go!


  1. uhm, that source's statement invalids itself by the first sentence:"All rules from Forgeworld should be considered official for casual games and apocalypse."

    What does official mean in casual games ... absolutely nothing. It's defined by the players and the house rules they agree on. And why is the word "should" used, is the source not certain about it's statement or the FW rules ?

    And what is the point of that statement any way ? It does not change anything. GW would never release such a statement, and whoever that source is, it only demotes itself to sound like a fan-boy statement.
    The part about events is taken from the discussion about the warrior code rules package .. Zzz

    I'm tired of the debate, because it will never end and it has no point any way, until the players realize that it's only up to them on an individual level what and how they play and how many expansions they use (and yes, I count FW as an expansion to the standard 40k game).

    1. Sorry, this is not the actual sources message, rather an abrifged version to preserve anonymity. I may have mucked up the grammar - I dont like English.

      It is not a fanboy statement. It is a confirmation. I cant say anymore.

  2. Good to see more people entering into this.

  3. Well that was a whole lot of nothing. Thanks, Anonymous (but trusted) Source, for that unconfirmed and unconfirmable opinion that Forgeworld should be considered official for casual games and Apocalypse but not in official events.

  4. I don't get the upset at FW stuff, if someone try bringing a stupid fw heavy list at me in casual games, I just won't play them, simple as, since even GW hasn't stopped us being able to choose who we play. In a tournie, you know well in advance if FW is allowed, and then can choose accordingly..... Really, I think a lot of this is done by sites like faeit 212 to drum up visits on slow news weeks.... We have had 10 finecast related posts in a week on there, similar for the FW.... More fool me for reading them I suppose! ;)


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