Thursday 14 November 2013

Digital Editions News. Inquisition/Thousand Sons/Iron Hands.

Well, Codex: Inquisition is almost here! Really looking forward to this release. Will be awaiting it's arrival like a guardsmen and his next meal.

I've pieced together some more info, most of this is just a recap of what is already known:

Via Digital Editions:

Codex Inquisition:

A good few Ordos are mentioned in the book, but you'll need to wait to see exactly which ones...

If you're currently using a Grey Knights army, you won't need to change a thing if you don't want to, and your army will still be legal.
Of course, if you'd rather ally inquisitors from this codex into your force, than use them from your own,
you can.

There's no print version due at the moment, and the codex will be a digital exclusive for the time being at least.


Thousand Sons Supplement:
Their time will come Paul, you can be sure of that.


Iron Hands:
The Hardback edition is due around Easter 2014.


Edit: lol, and the not so new daemon weapon:

- Out. 


  1. Daemonblade is the same as in the GK codex (unless they've changed the table you roll on). It's good fun, especially in smaller games

    1. Lol, well don't I look like an ass! I doubt it's changed since Eddie said nothing was making GK different.

  2. So excited about the Inquisition. Haven't been this pumped for a release for a long long time!

  3. That thousand sons thing is such a tease. "Their time will come". This is the suppelemt I would be most excited for by far.


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