Friday 22 November 2013

Cheating: is it worth it? Last night's game.

Last night I went to our local GW for a scheduled game with Crazy and 3 Colours. It was to be a 3 way (all the jokes had been made already, but you can try lol). I got there early and as soon as I got in the shop a guy, that doesn't really speak to me unless is to tell me how proud he is about his Tau army and how good they are, came straight over to me (without any "How you doing mate?" or anything) and asked me straight away if I wanted a game.

I was supposed to do a little bit of painting before Crazy and 3 Colours arrived, but after listening this crying baby for a while telling me that everyone was painting and no one playing I said "Ok. 1000 points is the army that I brought today. I have until 5. At 5 I finish no matter what (it was 3.30), so hurry up and prepare a quick list with 1000 points".

That was my first clue. He prepared his list without any notes, not writing down anything and just with short looks at his codex (the one that he wasn't playing, as he had the Tau codex, but he was using the Farsight Enclave army and rules). I told him "I don't give a crap, I trust you" cause that's how literally is, I never check my opponent's list cause I cannot care less and I trust that people will be honest with their lists (at the end of the day, what's the point of winning a game when you know you're cheating?). 

The funny thing is, he wanted to know my list before preparing his!

We started the game and rolled for sides. As it was just 1000 points, I convinced him to use just 4x4 instead of the 6x4 table.  Ignoring what I had said, he deployed his army on the wrong side that had 3, very convenient, ruins for cover. When I looked up, my words were "Are you kidding?" My "side" of the table didn't have a single ruin or cover. I grabbed a ruin and put it in my deployment zone and told him "I told you the other side. I'm just grabbing a ruin, ok?" He agreed and smiled. My deployment took literally 5 seconds. I just had one LR in the table after all, full of Tacticals and my Warlord...

CrAzY424 - Just want to jump in here quickly. The guy literally was laughing in Ruby's face about his list. Literally.....every unit Ruby said got a "haha well that's dead in turn 1" response.
From here, I'm just going to point out things that happened during the game  that were hilariously stupid. Also, just when the game started, Crazy arrived and watched the whole game. He was just laughing in a corner saying "Dude, are you serious? You can't do that."
  • For what Crazy and TommyH told me later, my opponent wasn't playing 1000 points, but something around 1200. Quick recap, he had (Enclaves):
    • Broadside Commander Shas'vre Ob'lotai 9-0....(You can't even have it without getting Farsight). CrAzY424 - I tried pointing this out but he was an expert.
    • 1 Riptide with FNP. 
    • 2 squads of 3 Crisis Suits with Burst Cannons, Plasma Rifles, Bonding Knives and Shield Generators.
    • 3 Broadsides with Shield Generators and Bonding knives.
    • Mirror Codex and Talisman of Arthas Moloch.
  • First shot of the game, with his Riptide, shot at my Land Raider with S9 and said "3s to glance and 4s to pen". I replied "Ehmmm...5s to glance and 6s to pen mate. As a joke, I said "Jeez, you're dreadful at maths, aren't you? lol" He told me "Shut up."
  • He was taking 4D6 deny the Witch for every single unit in his army, not just those within 12".
  • When rolling for a leadership test with his Broadsides and Commander, he rolled a 5 and the other dice got out of the table. He said "Dice off, roll again" and rolled BOTH dice again!! I swear to God I almost pee my pants laughing at that point...
  • Rolling for Look out Sir AFTER failing his inv. saves. At one point he did 2 Look out Sir's for the same wound, claiming that one was for the Shas'ui and next for his commander AND then allocating it to a model on the opposite side of the unit...
  • He NEVER allocated wounds to the closest model. Only to those that had already taken a wound.
  • The measuring with his Plasma Guns in rapid fire range was more than arguable.
  • Saw him moving with his finger a little bit a Crisis Suit closer to his broadsides when my Tactical Squad was in front of them ready to charge. When I checked before charging, I found out that they were exactly 6" away, so both units would Overwatch. 
  • During the game when I wasn't paying attention, he rolled for Nova-Charge, failed, looked around to see if anyone had noticed and rolled again.
  • When shooting at my Tactical Squad, only 1 single miniature was in range. He wanted to claim more, even 1 that was closer but he couldn't see at all. The rest of the people watching the game (most of them his friends) told him "No mate. Just one"
So at the end Turn 3 it was 5 and we finished the game. I didn't even count points or anything, as I didn't care at all about the score, cause we didn't even roll for mission! I shacked hands with him telling him "Good game mate" and that's it. Even though he cheated, made fun of me before game for having a flyer because his Commander had Skyfire, and bitch around the whole game, I SMASHED HIM. By the end of turn 3 he had almost anything on the table. 2 single Crisis Suits and a Riptide with 1 wound left. Chances were that I would had table him in the next turn as I had all my power units alive and untouched.
Worth saying that 1 hour after the game, while I was playing already with Crazy and 3 Colours, he came back, and the funniest thing happened. He came running in, talking really loud so everyone could hear him, and said "Hey, you know what? our game was actually a Draw! I didn't lose because..." Crazy and I started to laugh and then I saw 3 Colours face. He could've killed him with his eyes, easy, and replied "You must be so proud! By the way, were you playing 1000 points?" The guy was clearly embarrassed and said that yeah, he was. I replied to him "Sorry mate, but count again. I had line breaker, you didn't" (I had to think about how the game ended, cause, as I said, I didn't even score the game or anything, or said I won...) and he suddenly had a devastating face and left. The 3 of us were like "What was that all about?"
So, after this bad experience, my question is "Is it really worth cheating?" Doesn't that take away the fun of the game? Clearly, I'm not playing again with this guy anymore, so...was it worth for him? 
My answer was exactly the same as 3 Colours later "What a douchebag."

PS: In case someone would like to know my list:

  • Librarian lvl 2
  • 2 Tactical Squads with Missile Launchers and Melta Guns
  • Drop Pod
  • Land Raider with Hunter Killer Missile and Multi Melta
  • Storm Raven with Thypoon Missile launcher, TL Lass Cannon and Hurricane Bolters. 


  1. While I don't deny it sounds like there was some funny business, it sounds like some of the issues might just be misunderstanding rules or even just being bad. I mean, ignoring normal wound allocation in favor of putting wounds on already injured models kills his models faster and puts him at a disadvantage in that regard.

  2. nah, it's never worth it. I even feel bad after games in which I did mistakes, and ended up benefiting from it.

    Played the last the months fantasy, and just got in a game of 40k today, forgot about the full scatter of my whirlwind, and that the plasma talons only got 18" range, not 24" like standards. I don't think it would have a made a difference in the outcome, but I feel bad and sorry for my mate. It feels like I have cheated ...

  3. I recently played a nice apocalypse game, and I rarely get to do so. I had a guy argue that "And they shall know no fear" let space marines get back up after going to ground. And later literally tried to place his flyer right in the middle of a giant unit of gaunts, telling me that the rulebook says its perfectly legal. I shake my head and attribute it to ignorance most of the time.

    In your case with this guy I can see plenty parts ignorance, a couple parts really really poor sport, and a good part cheater for that nova re-roll and point over-cost. At the end of the day he sounds like the kind of person who only has this hobby to fall back on, and might have no friends/girlfriend/people skills to fall back on when he loses and has nothing left in his life.

  4. As said above, some of this sounds like ignorance (removing already wounded models) and downright cheating (nova and list). My general veiw is that cheaters do it because they want to either prove something or have nothing else theyre good at. I just try to play a good game and ignore the opponent in these cases.

    1. But Im not very competitive.

    2. Knight of Infinite Resignation23 November 2013 at 01:49

      I agree, most cheaters aren't the sharpest tool in the box, which makes them both poor players (and thus reliant on cheating) and very bad at cheating without being caught!

      They are to be pitied really, anyone who really needs to win so much and yet can't win often enough through normal non cheaty means (like actually studying and practising the game) because they are dim and crap just deserves sympathy. Doesn't mean you have to play against them ever again, but they they are inadequate rather than evil usually.

      Its the cheaters you don't catch who are the worst, the WAAC players who aren't above a little creative rules misinterpretation. They are often really fast players who roll and move so fast you can't see what is going on, you are just left with a suspicious feeling after the game. They aren't fun to play and so eventually find it hard to get games, which I guess is Karma.

  5. Some people just need to see other people beaten and don't care how they do it, they're desperate for any win in their lives, I just let it happen, if its that important to them, they obviously need the win more than I do, I just wont play them again

  6. Sometimes a point arises in a battle when you can get away with something, perhaps to a less experienced player or perhaps they dont see the roll of the dice. For whatever reason, if you go through with it, it sucks all the satisfaction out of the game because you didnt "really" win. You cheated to win and as a result you are not testing your abilities and you are not improving your game. Luckily our club has a very honest bunch and cheating never happens. If there is ever a dispute, we always have a rulebook beside us and that will always end the matter.

  7. You would be amazed how common people increasing their points in an army list is. I used to play pick up games at a GW store and everybody I played against always had 100-200 more points. Just made me feel better when I trounced them! (Loved chapter traits in 4th, a fully infiltrating army was always fun!)


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