Saturday 26 October 2013

The New GW paints.

Well I just saw the new White Dwarf. The new paints look pretty cool.

Ryza Rust - Bright orange for stippling.
Typhus Corrosion - "Gritty" wash.
Nihilakh Oxide - Pale green wash.
Nurgle's Rot - Shiny green paint with "putrid appearance."
Agrellan Earth - Basing paint that dries to leave cracks.
Blood for the blood god. - Blood paint.....

Can't find them up on the GW website but I'm sure they will appear soon.

They look good. I'm keen on trying out Typhus Corrosion and Nihilakh Oxide.........although I don't have an army that has a need of a rust effect....yet. I'm sure Siceralc will love this for his tanks though. When Dark Eldar come about for an update, I might go with a rusted metallic looks for their vehicles.

I'm sure the boys at TSOM will be looking forward to them to!

- Out.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah we're keen as lads. Though we generally have products that do these jobs already, a lot of people still view Citadel as the easiest paints to obtain and use. As such, we'll give them a spin and review them in light of the stuff we're currently using.

    Will keep you posted!

    Luke - TSOM


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