Friday 11 October 2013

Rumour Watch: Wood Elves.......maybe.

Lol, there is nothing quite like a long range rumour. They are usually wish-lists and have the accuracy of an orbital bombard strike from an Ork Kruiser. The following is likely to be wish-listing but has the scent of a rumour. Take it as you will.

Don't mind the language issues. The author doesn't speak spanish so was left to translate it peace meal via Google It produced this:

Via Warseer:

This translation from a spanish site is thanks to Fen, with the original translation from Ilovefluff. All my thanks goes to them for finding and translating this info.

Big box: Treeman/Durthu/Hot-tempered millenarian
Big box:Forest dragon/Highborn/sisters of the twilight
Box:Kurnous on wood stags
Box:Riders of Kurnous (not the same look as the actual ones,more etheral and fey-like)
Box:Warhawks riders/Eagles'claws
Box:Eternal guard/banshees of the woods
Blister:Skaw the falconer

About the rules

ASF for all elves

Eye of the falcon:elves only,reroll 1 to hit,only shooting

Forest spirits:instability,magic attacks,5+ inv,harmony with the woods Elven bows:quick to fire,+1str,1 extra rank
Searath:HtH wepon,+1 str,lance i guess +1 AS ( going by the nam it's weapon eternal guards have right now after all)

Glade guard:elven bow/eye of the falcon

Eternal guard:S4,Searath,Ld 8

Dryads:fighting forms

Warhawk riders:eye of the falcon,lance,elvic bow

Riders of Kurnous:Searath,Ld 8,Str 4,A2 (no idea if the come directly on stags)

Bansees: Forest Spirit,wail (breath attack),terror

Eagle's claw:= (this makes me think these are simply great eagles and he confused the name with the high elves' ballista )

Waywatchers:forest spirits,elven bow

Treeman:= Hot-tempered millenarian:eternal hatred,don't know what else.

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