Tuesday 29 October 2013

Rumour Watch: Tyranids ahoy!

A few new things, but mostly just a round up of what is coming:

Via BigRed on BOLS:
-Tyranids kick off 2014 ~so look for pictures and craziness to ensue in the December rampup
-An emphasis on making EVERY unit in the codex viable this time around ~we're looking at you Pyrovore!
-The army rules and theme are focused on adaptability of unit abilities and inter-unit synergy ~there will be "combos"
-Emphasis on model releases will be to get out all the missing models in the previous codex
-Look for a small number of highly specialized new units to shore up 6th edition deficiencies in the army
-A new unseen big bug kit is among these

-Ultramarine Tyranic War Veteran Supplemental codex is the next supplemental book coming, to tie into the release and to provide worthy foes for the hive-fleets.
-BOTH digital and physical versions out in Q1 2014 


What would people say are the "6th edition deficiencies" that Nids are lacking?


  1. Anti air and survivable monsters I. Would say. I am really looking forward to this release, as I havent seen a decent nid army recently.

  2. They need to be able to swarm better. One point drop on gaunts.


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