Friday 4 October 2013

Rumour Watch: More Dark Elf Rules!

Via Druchi - taken from Hero's Gaming Blog:

I was wondering about the following:
- Can DH provide witchbrew to any unit?
Yup, witchbrew affects her and the unit she is in.

- Do execs suffer from same "madness of khaine" as WE?

- Sorceresses can ride DS/CO/pegasus, and, for Lvl3/4, manti & dragons?
Supreme S - DS/CO/DP/Manti/Black D | Sorceresses - DS/CO/DP.

- is there any such generic character as Corsair character, Executioner character, Black Guard character?
The only one is a Black Ark Fleetmaster. Only Kouran and Tullaris for the others.

- Who can be BSB? Master, DH? Even DH riding a COB, or master on COC? Cost of DH?
Both Masters and DH can be BSB and I don't see anything saying they can't take a COC or COB if they are the BSB. Base cost for the DH is 85 pts.

- COC still a mount? What cost? Is Scrunner a mount too, besides for the Beastmaster?
Yes it is and it costs 120 for mount. The scourgerunner is only available has a mount for the High Beastmaster.

- Shadowblade special rules? pts? (see GW: Able to hide within regiments on the battle field, and even move between them, no opponent can predict when or where he will strike.)
Shadowblade costs 245 pts and for is special rules:
- Dance of Doom: 5+ ward save
- Master of Disguise: can deploy using the Hidden special rule. He can change which unit he is
hiding in at the start of any movement or close combat phase. If an opponent has an ability that
forces you state that there are hidden models within a unit, you only need to say that Shadowblade
is hiding within a unit, but not which unit he is currently within.
- Has the 3 poisons
- Heart of Woe: Enchanted item. if he is slain, centre the small template over him before taking the model.
Every model touched by the template takes a S3 hit.
- Potion of Diabolic Strength: Enchanted item. One use only. At the start of any player's close combat phase,
after revealing the assassins, he gets +4 strength until the end of the turn.

- Manticore rules / upgrades?
It has fly, killing blow, large target and terror. Also, uncontrollable: at the start of each friendly turn, take a Ld test. If failed, it gets frenzy ate the start of the next turn.
upgrades - blind rage: +D3 attacks but enemies attacking her receive a +1 to hit.
iron hard skin: scaly skin 4+

- COB movement?

- I understand that one of each of the following can take a 25pts magic banner: swords, spears, corsairs, RXBmen, WE. Correct?
All of them can take a 25 pts magic banner besides the WE that can take a 50 pts banner.

- What about magic banner for DR?
No magic banner for them.

- BG can take a magic banner up to 25 or 50 pts?
Both BG and the sisters can take a 50 pts magic banner.

- Minimum size of DR, COK, shades, harpies is 5?

- All command groups are 10/10/10pts? Which ranked units cannot take part of the command group? (harpies = none, shades = only chap?).
Yes and shades can have musician and standard bearer.

- Is there any change for COC besides 2 attacks per CO? pts?
The same, only 1 attack more per CO and it costs 115 pts.

- Scrunner has D6 impact, or D6+1? What is the crewmen's BS?
impact hits from the scourge are D6. The BS is 4.

- Scrunner dragging a monster, does it make the monster face the scrunner, or does it leave the monster parallel to previous position?
It says: " it is immediatly dragged D6" towards the firer..."

- Did stats & rules of RBT remain same as before, except pts?
Same has before, but are now special and cost 70 pts.

- Can warlock channel PD? Is it the champion who is a Lvl2 caster?
Nothing says they can't, they point out that they work like pink horrors. All unit is considered. When you do the spells you nominate which one
is doing it because of line of sight and all that.

- K-yss confirmed NOT to be a sea creature?

- Are the models of handlers on K-yss and hydra only for presentation, but having no effect in the game whatsoever?
Only for presentation.

- Medusa's srhine pts? Range of its ranged attack? Impact hits 1D6? Movement?
Costs 175. 12" range. Movement 5. D6 impact hits.

- Do sisters have a shield? What is their armour save?
Yes they have and it's all they have. They do get a 4+ ward but only in close combat.

Hellebron, 310 points
ASF, Frenzy, Hatred (HE), MP, Poisoned Attacks
Gifts of Khaine:
Cry of War - Fear, all fear tests are taken @ -3 in base contact with her unit
Rune of Khaine - + D3 attacks
Witchbrew - Hellebron and her unit gets frenzy. If they already have it, they get +2 attacks
Magic items:
Deathsword & the Cursed blade - Paired weapons. Hits are @ S10, If a model rolls a 1 when rolling to hit you in CC, they get a S4 hit
Amulet of Dark Fire - +4 to dispel spells targeting Hellebron or her unit

- What are the effects (and range) of the Cauldron?
- What is the cheapest load out for a DH and cauldron?
- What wardsave will be granted to Assassins in the same unit?
- what wardsave will other characters in a unit of Witch Elves?

Fury of Khaine, bound spell 3+
Frenzy special rule to one unit within 12" (grants +1A to alread frenzied units, not cumulative with witchbrew)

Strength of Khaine
Grants re-roll to wound to all friendly models with MP within 6" (yes models not units)

Naked DH + Cauldron 275p

6++ to assassins and non Dh characters
K-Beasts Feast of Bones is only against the MODEL, meaning all attacks have to go against a particular model, and if they all hit, he then gets D6 S7 auto-hits.
Aka, it's ass.
A naked death hag costs 85 pts. and she's a hero. 
Witchbrew is 30 pts.
She may take a single magic weapon worth up 50 pts. and that's it.
Witchbrew - quote: "This model, and all models in the same unit, have the frenzy special rule. If they already have frenzy, that frenzy grants +2 attacks
instead of just +1, but the unit suffers a -3 penalty ti Ld when testing not to declare a charge."
Fury of Khaine does the same but in the end of its description it says that it is not cumulative with witchbrew.
How about the Blood Wrack and the Medusa?

We know a bit about it, that it gives a unit in 6" a leadership bonus and takes away a leadership to enemy units in 6", but does it do anything else? Like does it amplify the Medusa's power at all? Also does it also have to be brought in with a hero (like the medusa) or can it be brought in as a rare or special choice?
You can take the Medusa alone but if you take a bloodwrack she's coming along with it
It has scythes (has does the COB) ASF, MR (1) terror. Aura of Agony: gives +1 Ld to all DE in 6" and -1 to the other armies at 6"
Avert Your Gaze!: start of close combat, before challenges, models in base contact must pass a I test or take a S4 hit with KB and no
armour saves, it counts as a magical attack. Blooswrack stare: range 12", S4, KB and multiple shots (4). When rolling to wound, substitute
the target's T with it's I value. No armour saves allowed.

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