Tuesday 3 September 2013

The wait is over.....bring on october.

Space Marines are FINALLY upon us. The hilarious thing about the release is that most of the codex changes and additions have been out for a number of weeks. Did GW leak the information? What is this mystery pdf of the codex that seems to have been "sent to all store managers." Only time will tell. However, until then, let's debrief about everything that has been happening this month.

First item on the list is the nature of the "leak."

I'm skeptical of a lot of things when it comes to rumours and this is no different. Would GW really send out a pdf to all the store managers? Seems dodgy to me. However, who really cares? It's given us weeks worth of stuff to talk and argue about. If anything, it has meant that people have saving up for the release more so than any other. This would make the rumour mill actually worth wile for GW. I certainly hope this trend continues...

Secondly, some changes to White Dwarf.

The fact that there are now points costs listed in White Dwarf is a subtle but welcome change. I never really understood the whole idea about hiding the points cost. It's not like they are state secrets and the CIA is about to kick my door down for knowing their values.......is it? Players will still buy the codex regardless of whether or not the points cost is in the magazine or not. I guess GW has just figured that out and decided to reverse their flow.

Thirdly, the release schedule.

Let me say something quickly. Rumours are usually wildly inaccurate at the best of times. We only really have a "notion" of whats going on when Images get leaked or there is an outright flood of information. 90% of it is usually made up trolling but occasionally some good stuff comes through. However, no one really has any real idea on what the hell is actually coming. Gandalf, help us out mate?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that unless something has drastically changed within GW's thinking, the next "army" release will be fantasy. They have been playing at the release ping-pong all the way since the intro of 6th, why would it stop now? However, let's get a run down of the situation:

Top contenders for October:
Dark Elves.
"Mystery Box."

I'm still skeptical of the "mystery box" as it's changed from Blood Bowl to Inquisitor more times than I can count. Plus, 40k Radio came in from the left field and said that their source had heard "nothing" about it.....interesting. I, like Natfka, would believe in the Insuisitor rumour more than Blood Bowl. GW was pretty clear in it's statement that they would be phasing out all specialist games. However, I'm quite happy to be proven wrong.

If you want a full rundown of the possible october release, see:



By the flood of information coming in the door it seems that Tyranids are next. The Ork rumour was a strong contender for a while but it seems that it has disappeared behind the swarm of rumourgaunts flooding the scene. Personally, I would love to see Tyranids next. I would love it more if the Mystery box got thrown out the window and the bugs came in "Nidvember."

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